Notes From Inside The First Year Of Marraige

You guys –

I have so, so, so been wanting to write about marriage recently. But I just can’t get myself to do it… I’m too ‘in it’ right now. David graduates from Law School this week, we’re booking tickets for an international flight to celebrate our one year anniversary* (we’ve decided the time is now, and we’re going to travel, damn it), and we have no real idea what happens next but we’re excited and scared all at once. And it’s huge. And it’s amazing. And I’m so glad I get the chance to do this, and be this.

But I do want you to go read the note Jordan wrote to her husband on their five year anniversary, because that’s exactly what marriage feels like to me.

And maybe next week, when I’m married to an (un-licensed, having not yet taken the bar, but still) attorney, I can tell you how it feels.


Picture: Emily Sterne took this picture at the apartment of a Team Practical couple. They called these “the wedding books.” Ahhh… you guys are great.

*In August. Tickets are being booked now, flights are being flown in August at the one year mark.

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