OBB Book Reading/ APW Meetup… The Movie

Hello all! Remember back right after the new site launched when I hosted the Offbeat Bride book reading and APW meetup and lots of you were sad that you couldn’t go? Wellllll…. it was filmed by FORA.tv, and now you can all see it in its 45 minute glory.

And while I know you are TOTALLY going to spend the next 45 minutes watching it, if you’re like me, and just want to hear what the bloggers you read all the time sound like, here are the tidbits that I’m in: the intro (see above), if you click through to the whole video they have “chapters” listed below the moving stuff. I’m in ‘Sidebar: Get Practical’ (funny how that works), and ‘Q6: Etiqutte Issues’ (where I talk some smack about mean commenters). In general though, I reccomend all of the Q&A bits. Yeah, yeah, you can’t hear the questioners, but Ariel is pretty funny off the cuff.

A huge thanks to Ariel for letting me drag her down to San Francisco. It was really great to meet a few of you guys, and hopefully one of these days, I’ll get to do this in other cities and meet more of you. Because y’all are great.

So in closing um, yes I really am that animated in front of big groups always, and yes, you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take California out of the girl (sigh).

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  • Cat

    I read everything in an Australian accent (because I am, not just for fun). I think it’s a little like seeing a celebrity in person and realising they’re a lot shorter than the look on tv or something… reality just shifted a little ;)

    Anytime you guys want to head down this way is fine, that looked like a whole lot of fun!

  • Liz

    aw! you’re all… chipperer… than i expected!

    the intersection of blogging life and real life is so bizarre.

    • meg

      Large groups of people are my crack.

    • Agree with Liz. Way more adorable than I could have imagined.

      • meg

        Former comedic actress people. You should have seen this coming ;)

  • Kayla

    The video was the highlight of my day, no lie! I watched the whole thing.

  • lani

    How odd. I think I excepted you to have my voice…!! Well, the voice I hear in my head, not the weird one I hear on my voicemail greeting… Glad you have your own voice though!

    • ha! One little “Exactly!” click was not enough to express how “Exactly!” I feel about this comment. Somehow I’m always surprised when people I’ve only read have their own, unique voices. Of course, as you said, that’s a good thing; it’s just surprising!
      And the version of my own voice that I hear in my head is totally different than how I sound recorded. I was testing video cameras the other day and rejected the first one because I sounded weird… wasn’t until the 3rd one that I realised that’s the “real” (recorded) me. I was kind of perplexed, actually!

      • meg

        Yeah. Trust me. I don’t think I have my own voice in this recording. Though David looked all puzzled at it, and said, your voice is deeper, that sound is off. So that’s SOMETHING.

        • Tina

          I could get all science-y here about how you hear your voice from two points where as others hear it from the air only, but suffice it to say that I wish the world heard the voice that I hear. However, that’s never going to happen. I learned this early on when my brother, cousins, and I would record radio entertainment shows in our youth. Oh good times. Lovely to hear/see you all as well!

  • Cupcake

    Great to put a voice to the words! And it’s too bad the reading was in SF and I’m in CT. (sigh) Also, loved the comment you made about invitation etiquette when Ariel dragged you to the podium. My wedding planning binder includes a note to ignore all other instructions on how to address invitations, to just use your post as my guide. Because after all, isn’t it best to Use People’s Names?

    Thanks for posting the video!

    • In retrospect, I am SO glad, given the audio issues with no being able to hear anyone else in the room, that I dragged Meg to the podium. Can you imagine the agony of watching me go “Right. Mmhmm. HA!” as Meg was talking, and not being able to hear what she was saying?

  • april

    YAY!!! I love hearing voices! (wait a sec…that sounds a bit mental, no?) Eh – You know what I mean… ;)

  • Louisa of St. Cuthbert

    That was such a great event! Since you’re a local, I think you should have regular APW meet-ups (and readings if you so chose)! Beer + APW = OMG So. Much. Fun. :)

  • Lauren

    “You address people by… their names.”

    “I cannot even be-LIEVEe that you would say that!”

    I actually lolled.

  • Oh lady. I see a future blog feature. You are too cute in person.

    (And I am always amused by how very American Americans are now – I know, like I’m not amusingly Trinidadian to most people. I’ve just been in this country too long.)

    • *Regular* future blog feature, that is. ;)

    • I’ve noticed that too (how “American” Americans are). Though obviously they wouldn’t be anything else, and it’s definitely just me expecting other people to have changed (as I have) in the 4.5 years I’ve been away.
      When people here in Spain and Italy ask what it’s like in the US, I tell that in general (exaggerated behaviour excepted) it really is like you see in the movies. I come from a Midwest suburb where everyone has their own houses with nice yards and drives cars, and the postman waves hello on his way past. My high school was not “American Pie” or “Mean Girls”, but it was “10 Things I Hate about You” (except the awesome building, and having a band play on the roof).

  • C

    This is great! I agree, far more “chippy” than I expected too. Also I love Ariel’s hair flower :)

    • Thanks so much — the flower is a little Chrissy Wai-Ching magic. :)

  • Ariel’s comment, “I encourage you to question wedding shoulds and you-gottas on both ends of the spectrum,” should be a mantra for all brides. Thanks for sharing this awesome video! It made my day too :)

  • Jen

    It’s really weird, but your voice is EXACTLY how I expected it would sound and you’re just as bubbly as I expected too. Perhaps that’s a product of me reading your blog for the last 1.5 years and of course going back to read all the older posts as soon as I found your blog. I’m especially enjoying reading everything now that I’ve been married for a month and a half. Everything looks different from the other side. :)

  • I have to say that I found your blog due to the video post, and yeah I watched the whole thing! LOL

    It sounds like the night went well!

  • MEG! In moving pictures! With sound!