Meg & Andy

* Meg, Poet & Andy, Laser Engineer * Photographer: Kelly Benvenuto * Soundtrack for reading: “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” by Sufjan Stevens *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Generous love celebrates generous love.

The Info—Photography: Kelly Benvenuto / Venue: Odiorne Point State Park / Flowers: Meg’s Aunt / Music: Meg’s Brother / Meg’s Dress: White by Vera Wang for David’s Bridal / Suits: Men’s Wearhouse

Other cool stuff we should know about:  We thought the “themes” of the wedding would be love, joy and light—and while those had a big presence, what we were most struck by on the actual day was generosity: everyone brought something, emotional, physical or spiritual, and shared it so generously. A day we thought we would be about caring for our guests instead became a day when everyone cared lovingly for us.

Favorite thing about the wedding: The rehearsal and the ceremony. The rehearsal made it feel real, and the ceremony made it feel really real.

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  • Lauren

    Oooh, I got the shivers.

    • KC

      Ditto! (also: a happy wedding bunny! and a gorgeous dress! and how on earth did you schedule a rainbow?)

  • Chapel of the Flowers

    I really loved the pictures with the rainbow in the background I hope you have a long happy marriage congrats!

  • Ale

    So lovely! The smiles, the love, and those shoes. Where are they from? I’m having such a hard time finding shoes that are sexy, but not too high!

    • meg

      Good call. The world needs more info on flat wedding sandals.

      • Hell yes. I bought flat wedding sandals (sparkly bejeweled ones, natch) and I know this is stupid, but for the longest time I’ve had the nagging feeling that I’m supposed to wear heels to my wedding because on your wedding you wear heels.

        not that I want to wear heels. I’d rather dance all night and not get crabby cause my feet hurt. But in all the pictures in wedding media, brides wear heels! So shouldn’t I be wearing heels?

        I felt SO validated to see another flat-sandal wearing bride up in here.

        its the littlest things you do, APW, that keep me sane

        • meg

          I would have worn flats with a long dress. My mom actually just wore ballet slippers! I just had a short dress, which calls for a flashier shoe (in my world, I guess). But with a long dress *no one can see your shoes* so you might as well be comfy, right?

        • meg

          Also, if you’re getting married on grass *do not wear heels.* You’ll regret that as you slowly sink….

    • It is so hard to find even flat-ish wedding shoes! So happy to see some really pretty ones on here. My fiance is the same height as me so heels aren’t exactly practical (plus sprained my ankle recently so couldn’t wear much of heels anyway).

      Absolutely love the pictures here, the joy just shines through!

      • I wore Sseko’s and LOVED them and still wear them all the time. ( I also really like the shoes in this post! And the bunny. And the joy.

      • redpanda

        I just bought these flats in white and feel both pretty and practical in them:

      • I wore flats (close-toed, not sandals) at my wedding and looooved it. And the best part? I wear them in normal life now, and it makes me think of my wedding day!

      • Brittany

        I wore flats! Badgley Mischka’s Sindee ballet flats. They were comfy and I loved them, only I fell down a hill and the shoes got grass stains :(

  • KB

    I want my wedding to look EXACTLY like this!! Aka, super happy people hugging and dancing around and rocking out in the name of love :-)

  • Colorado Laurel

    So much joy! The whole thing is absolutely stunning, as is Meg in that dress. Congratulations!

  • BUNNY!

    • meg


  • Oh my goodness, I love these photos so much. So much joy!!! Congratulations to both of you.

  • Gillian

    absoulutely beautiful! love your hair, dress, and style of your wedding :)

  • Denzi

    My favorite picture may be the one from the outside of the tent looking at all that warmth and light shining out. Love.

  • Absoulutely awesome! love your wedding and photos are beautiful :)

  • So many lovely details. But, over and over, I am most struck by your amazing bouquets. Iris and hydrangea? Amazing!

  • Emily

    As if Sufjan singing “Come Thou Fount” doesn’t get me all teary enough on its own!

  • Simply great photos of simply great people.