Corey & Shawn

Brooklyn Rooftop Pizza Party Wedding

* Corey, Photographer & Shawn, International Sales at Random House * Photographer: Jonas Seaman (APW Sponsor) * Soundtrack for reading: “Waste” by Foster The People *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Our wedding was pretty much a more epic version of our favorite way to spend a summertime evening in NYC: a pizza party followed by chilling out on a rooftop.

The Info—Photographer: Jonas Seaman (APW Sponsor) / Location: Brooklyn, New York / Venue: Roberta’s Pizza & Office Ops Rooftop / Corey’s Dress: Katie Jean / Corey’s Makeup: Heather Wahl / Corey’s Shoes: Emerson FryShawn’s Tie: Pierpont Hicks / Band: Po Boy’s Brass Band

Other cool stuff we should know about: The band we had was awesome. Also, our friend (Shawn’s childhood friend) made all the beer for the rooftop, and gave all his brews hilarious and personal names. Jonas brilliantly photographed all the signs, which I am so thankful for because I didn’t really notice the names that night and they were awesome. Our good friend and freshman year RA was the one who married us.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Experiencing all the love and excitement our friends and family brought to our wedding was incredible.

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  • Cleo

    This is INCREDIBLE! It looks like you all are having so much fun!

    Can I steal the idea for having an artist paint a scene from the reception for whenever I get married/have a kickass party? What gave you that idea, btw, and how did you find the artist?

    • Hey,

      This is Corey :) So glad you all liked it. The painter was actually a very cool gift from my maid of honor. I’m trying to track down the artists name…

  • Kerry

    that last picture is just STUNNING!

  • Just loving the vibe here — so, so cool. And that painting!

  • I love finding myself grinning from ear to ear after perusing a wordless wedding, because that means the pictures spoke for themselves. I can almost hear the laughter!

  • LoLauren

    Love these. It looks like such a blast and the photos really capture the moments. I also love that you had your freshman year RA marry you!

  • Bri

    So many trombones!!!!

    As a professional musician, I always love to see a rockin live band at a wedding.

    • Kestrel

      Trombone is best instrument!!

      (Ok, I’m obviously biased, but yay!)

  • true love & JONAS. always a killer combo.

  • Rebekah

    I politely request an updated version of this as a How We Did It.

    Awesome. I LOVE your lace sleeve.

    • OH MY GOSH YES PLEASE I SECOND THIS IDEA. This is like my ideal in every way and I would love to know how it came together!

    • meg

      I actually third this idea. I was thinking about it when I put the post together. Though I checked the venue: super affordable.

      Which just made me madder that this wasn’t our wedding :)

  • So glad you all liked the images, Jonas and Mary killed it. We are so thankful for their pictures, they captured all the love and chaos perfectly!

  • scw

    yayy roberta’s!

  • Rosie

    I love this, thank you so much for sharing with us :)

  • Wow! How beautiful!! I love the rooftop. :) Congratulations!

  • That looks like an awesome wedding!

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  • So awesome, so many party pics of everyone’s faces, smiles, dancing etc that just scream YAY!!

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