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Oh, and One Other Thing…

You know Intern Lauren, and Alyssa of Ask Team Practical Fridays? They are APW staff members now. Thanks to reader generosity during our subscription drive in November, they are now paid for their work at APW.

So let me introduce you to Assistant Editor Lauren Dupuis and Columns Editor Alyssa Mooney. In a few weeks they’ll have bio’s and pictures in the About section of the site, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

And while we’re on the subject of staff, Alyssa was quoted in a Times Union story about affordable weddings this weekend. I was also quoted at length, and the article is hands down the best one that’s been written to date about the philosophy of APW. So go read it. Plus, there are out-takes of our interview on the Times Union blog, just in case you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to gab with Alyssa and me on the phone about wedding planning. It includes Meg-quotes like this one:

You’re not marrying the dress. And you’re not marrying the location. It’s probably important that you find a relatively perfect spouse, but if you’ve accomplished that, you’re probably not going to live with a lifetime of regret.

So enjoy.

But mostly, cheers to Lauren and Alyssa, who work so hard behind the scenes for you. We love these ladies, and they love their new jobs.

Thanks Team Practical, you made all this happen, every single one of you. And we’re very grateful, all of us.

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