Oh, and One Other Thing…

You know Intern Lauren, and Alyssa of Ask Team Practical Fridays? They are APW staff members now. Thanks to reader generosity during our subscription drive in November, they are now paid for their work at APW.

So let me introduce you to Assistant Editor Lauren Dupuis and Columns Editor Alyssa Mooney. In a few weeks they’ll have bio’s and pictures in the About section of the site, so I’ll keep you posted on that.

And while we’re on the subject of staff, Alyssa was quoted in a Times Union story about affordable weddings this weekend. I was also quoted at length, and the article is hands down the best one that’s been written to date about the philosophy of APW. So go read it. Plus, there are out-takes of our interview on the Times Union blog, just in case you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to gab with Alyssa and me on the phone about wedding planning. It includes Meg-quotes like this one:

You’re not marrying the dress. And you’re not marrying the location. It’s probably important that you find a relatively perfect spouse, but if you’ve accomplished that, you’re probably not going to live with a lifetime of regret.

So enjoy.

But mostly, cheers to Lauren and Alyssa, who work so hard behind the scenes for you. We love these ladies, and they love their new jobs.

Thanks Team Practical, you made all this happen, every single one of you. And we’re very grateful, all of us.

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  • WOOO! Yay Lauren and Alyssa, makin’ the moneyz!

    • Also, fabulous article!

      “…Vows are free.”

      And also priceless.

  • shotgun shirley


  • Jillian

    Oh my God, the Times Union is my home town paper!!!! And funnily enough, I found APW through one of the TU’s blogs when someone linked to it in a blog comments section.

    • Kate

      I’m from the Capital Region too and just got engaged. Any good venues / etc to recommend? (I don’t live there now but we’re getting married there in 2012)

      Go Meg, Lauren and Alyssa!

      • Jillian

        Yay Capital Region!
        I’m in exactly the same boat as you. I got engaged in November and am trying to plan a 2012 wedding while living out of state. So I’m sorry to say I don’t think I can be of any help, but I completely sympathize. I’m so new to all this planning nonsense and I don’t even know where to start… The first step for the fiance and I is figuring out WHERE in the capital region we want to get married…

      • @Kate and @Jillian:

        I can give you both some recommendations if you can tell me more about what you’re looking for (size, budget, etc.). You’re welcome to e-mail me through my blog if you like (click on my name for the link and my e-mail address).

        Thanks again for the interviews, Meg and Alyssa. The quote you highlighted above was one of my favorites. And congratulations on APW’s expansion! Now go get some sleep.


    • YAY Capital Region brides!!! :) I live in Albany as well, though I got married in the Finger Lakes. OK, now we DEFINITELY need an Albany APW meetup. @Naomi, you’ll be in for that too, yes? :)

      • Absolutely. Keep me posted if it happens.

    • Yay! I’m the one that posted the APW link on Naomi’s blog – I’m always excited to spread the good word. The blog I kept about wedding planning in the Capital Region is here- http://www.promtoaltar.net/blog/

      Cheers, Albany ladies!

      • meg

        Yay Nicole! Yay Prom to Altar!

        (And Naomi totally told me that you were responsable for the article).

  • Whee Lauren and Alyssa!!

  • KD

    Congrats to all of you!!


  • Kelly

    Today’s posts gave made me immediately – and I mean *immediately* – hustle on over to that subscriptions drive page because it’s all just too wonderful for words.

    Sigh. I love you all.

    • Kelly

      Um, made. Made me immediately. Stupid typos.

  • yayyy! that is a really great article. gave me a lot of warm and fuzzies. and thanks for linking to the blog, cool to see more of the conversation!

    • oh duh and of course CHEERS to Lauren and Alyssa! :) :)

  • Yipppeeee. I am excited to meet the entire staff of APW!

  • YAY! That’s really exciting for them both. :) Lauren has been awesome in responding to my e-mails and listening to my banter about my wedding and my post updates/edits… She deserves it, as does Alyssa. :)

  • CONGRATS! I know you deserve it (and so much more)!

  • my silly little dream of moving to SF and working for APW just got a teeny bit more real. just to warn you.

    • Alyssa

      SF totally isn’t a pre-requisite. I’m a Dallas kid…..

    • meg

      Awww. Well, I dream of having a bigger staff, which means I’ve got to both grow the site and grow income. But it does mean al the growing is coming from a really good place….

      So we’ll both keep dreaming, yes?

      • dream we shall! alyssa, i have just been wanting to move to the bay area for a while now, so it was really just a happy coincidence for me to learn that APW is there. and yes, meg, grow away! maybe you’ll be hiring a writer or editor someday once my whole marriage/job/gradschool situation works itself out and i’ve gotten more practice with blogging… dreaming! anyway, congrats to all of you.

        • Hi EmilyRose!
          I’m moving to SF this fall! You should come, too, since I’ll be needing friends in the area. :)

      • Can I work for APW from the UK?


        I love APW and I check it every day – for its sanity and its clarity.

        And because it inspires me.

  • FrozenPenguin

    Yay! The Times Union is my paper! It’s neat when things like that happen. Great article!

  • YAY!!!!!

    Love the comment about not marrying the dress. I saw someone (on another website, obv) refer to her wedding day as the “Big Dress Day” and that made me really sad (for her) and really grateful for APW.

  • Denzi

    Yay for Lauren and Alyssa, too! Y’all keep rocking! \m/ ^.^ \m/ (Oh yeah, I totally went there. Rocker emoticon land. Hee.)

  • This makes my heart even happier. Yay for Lauren and Alyssa! APW staff! Woohoo!

    Oh and I read that article yesterday. Loved it! Excited to read the blog post about it.

  • Amy

    Yay! That is so awesome for both Lauren and Alyssa!
    I read that article when it showed up on your twitter and it is so great, and so so true.

  • All of today’s news is making me walk around with a really big grin on my face!

  • ka

    Oh my God yes! I have not stopped smiling all day – even as I spent six hrs catching up on 2010’s neglected quickbooks at work…

    Congrats to the newly paid staffers! Happy day! :-D

  • Congrats again! I pointed Naomi (the TU writer) in your direction and I’m thrilled to see her spreading the APW gospel even further!

  • This article is awesome. Also I’m glad I read it since it pointed me in the direction of Alyssa’s graduate post, which I REALLY need to read at the moment. APW is seriously the best best best. Congrats to the team.

  • Anna

    Hello there! Congrats for all the changes that are happening, it’s exciting and a half. Just wanted to say that I love the bit about things being “good enough.” I’ve had that thought so many times in my wedding planning…and I think I surprised some people by saying that my dress that I chose was “good enough”…by that I didn’t mean that I was settling or I was unhappy with it, I just meant that I’m going to stop worrying if there is a better choice out there, I’m going to turn up in this dress, rock it…and it will be good. I know I would drive myself crazy if I was always thinking about what might be just beyond the next corner (or in the next dress shop…) And really, once you’ve made a choice, you just have to let go of all the “could have beens” and turn your mind to rockin’ the choices you made. No one else will see the things you didn’t choose, anyway.

  • Carla

    Double yay! *\o/*

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  • Yay for Lauren & Alyssa! You have titles, in addition to being paid! woohoo!
    Well done, all 3 of you; you SO deserve it!

  • Hooray (and congratulations), ladies! Keep it real for us. We need it.


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