On Adventuring

Thursday, in London:

David: We should make a goal that we will go to a different pub, everyday that we are on our honeymoon.
Me: And *that* is why I married you.

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  • If you want any tips on good pubs let me know!

    Hope you're enjoying England.

  • Emma

    Definitely a good approach to London (or a honeymoon in general), I reckon! Enjoy your time in the UK and hope you enjoy our pubs! x

  • Tip: food in pubs (not the chain ones) is surprisingly good. Indulge in a burger or two.

    Hope the weather is good for you. The weather in Edinburgh has been slightly appalling.

  • How fun! I suggest The Maple Leaf, in Covent Garden, which is a little piece of Canada across the pond!

  • That is an awesome goal. Needs lots of pictures too.

  • ooo sounds like a good plan to me :)

  • LPC

    So fun to hear from you. When I lived in a London I survived on a diet of cheddar cheese and Branston pickle sandwiches from the pub down the way.

  • *lucky* And a genius way to ensure travel 'coverage'.

  • Anonymous

    If you make it to Cambridge go to the Pickerel on Magdalene Bridge – totally cute! Have a wonderful honeymoon!

  • Don't forget to have SEX every day. Just saying.

  • haha! yes!

  • awesome plan, only problems is if you only go to one pub a day you'll get through hardly any of them.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    What a clever clever man!

  • Just in case you check this whilst you're in London – try The French House for a bit of old Soho charm and some dangerously good Breton cider (whenever my man and I need to discuss our wedding plans we treat ourselves to a fortifying steak dinner in the restaurant upstairs, too!)- see http://www.frenchhousesoho.com/

  • Honeymooning in London! Jealous! If you have time I suggest going to Cambridge and walking to the Orchard in Granchester. You can have tea and scones in the same orchard that Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, & Rupert Brooke used to!

  • You two are adorable!