On Not Taking Wedding Trends Too Seriously (Even Indie Ones)

… Or why you should ask your fiance’s opinion on wedding decisions.

I just remembered a slightly intoxicated conversation I had with David and our friend Rachel about indie wedding trends. I feel like I should say up front… I was tipsy, David was not. David said this is the most exact transcription of a conversation I’ve ever posted. It really was this ridiculous.

Me: You know… indie wedding trends. They get as trendy as regular wedding trends.
Rachel: Indie wedding trends?
Me: Yeah. Like Mason Jars and Bunting.
David: Bunting?
Me: Ok. Um. How do I describe this? You know those little plastic triangle flags on a string they hang at used car lots?
Rachel: That’s bunting?
Me: Um. I don’t think the used car dealer would call it bunting, but…
David: I thought bunting was the fabric swags that you hung at the fourth of July?
Me: It is, but, no that’s not this. Um, ok so the plastic triangle flags. So if you take those flags, but you make them out of gingham…
David: Gingham?
Me: Yeah, you know, like calico.
David: What?
Me: Like what you make prairie dresses from.
David: What are you even talking about?
Me: Like cotton with lots of tiny flowers and stuff.
David: Ew.
Me: Whatever. Anyway, so if you take those plastic flags and you make them out of gingham, that’s bunting. For, like, hanging from the trees at your wedding.
David: Really???
Me: Yeah, it’s like, rustic festive?

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