On Snippet & Ink: Loving Without Envy

Have I mentioned to you guys that I share an office with Kathryn of Snippet & Ink? Well, I do. And yesterday I walked into the office and she said, “Meg, the wedding I’m posting tomorrow has you written all over it.” And she could not have been more right. When I flipped out over this picture she pointed out that it was basically the same picture taken of me at our wedding. Maybe the bride and I are soul sisters, a little.

The wedding between two London theatre people…. and get this, it took place in an abandoned mansion on North Wales with no electricity, that hadn’t been lived in for 60 years. Because that’s the kind of parties this couple throws. And Kathryn said, wisely (I’m paraphrasing), “The trouble is, we see a wedding like this and we think that we need to throw a wedding in an abandoned mansion. And we don’t. That’s not us. But it is them. So we just need to appreciate what it is.” Which is so exactly it.

That, and the 30-foot wedding cake was a fireworks bonfire. I’m just saying.

So anyway, go see it all, right this second. You’re welcome.

Photographs: Nick Tucker, layouts by Snippet & Ink

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