Our At-Home Oregon Wedding on the Family Farm Makes Pumpkins Look Good

Decorative gourd season gets the wedding treatment


Diana, Hospital Outreach Worker Cater & Nat, Laboratory Technician

SUM-UP OF THE WEDDING VIBE:  A cozy, at-home fall wedding.

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “Built for This” by Ben Sollee

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Being with my favorite people at my favorite place. Oh, and the food. And our photographs. And dancing the Time Warp.


I told you about my wedding last year in my essay “Growing Up With Ghosts and Getting Comfortable With History.” The approaching fall weather (and my first anniversary!) reminded me to send them in.

My husband and I were married at my parents’ century farm in the Willamette Valley, Oregon. Growing up, I wasn’t the sort of girl who got excited about my future wedding. If I had known how fun my own was going to be, I would have. Pumpkins, a bonfire, pie and cider, sparklers, dancing under the awning of my grandfather’s old machine shop—it was truly a bash. We did a lot of the work ourselves to stay in budget, and this was part of the fun: my mom grew the flowers and my sister arranged them, I made our couple’s cake, Nat made the benches for the ceremony, and our friends carved the pumpkins. The setting was our own, and the people we loved brought life to it. And Buddy, our old Jack Russell Terrier, wandered around through it all.


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