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Share your best #escapism

I‘m guessing that just like me, lots of you are looking for a break from the constant COVID-19 news cycle, #samegirlsame. This isn’t because I don’t get this is a big huge tragic deal… it’s because I do understand that. And in all honesty, I need an escape from it… at least just for a little bit. And as someone that has an endless storage bank in their mind for “useless” knowledge (it’s also what makes me weirdly great at trivia night) I was quietly pondering where I can find new content that isn’t reflective of our current pandemic. You know, the interesting, happy, uplifting things. Or maybe not even happy or uplifting, but something with depth and FACTS. I do love certainty. Maybe more now than ever before. (And I can’t be the only one that feels that way.)

So as I was mulling my brain for the content of yesteryear (seriously, like the OG internet) I remembered that Stumble Upon was once a thing. It was an extension that would take you to the far corners of the internet based on your interests and something I so desperately needed like ASAP. After a little digging and not remembering what the hell the name of the extension was (it launched in 2001, I was only 10 at the time, but like I said I have a knack for remembering random things), I was thrilled to find out they rebranded into Mix. It’s pretty much like the OG version of Flipboard but for your desktop/laptop. So down the rabbit hole I went! And I still got the same cheap (free) thrill that I got from originally using the extension back in the early 2000s.

So if you need something else to do besides puzzles or hopping on Zoom or FaceTime with your family and friends I’ve got you covered. Even though I’m not an app or an extension, I’m happy to share some old and new things (mostly new) I’ve found on the world wide web with you. Some of these things are just plain cute (see: puppies). Some are super insightful. And others are down-right mind boggling. Also, isn’t that digital collage of me up there dope AF? I think so. My super talented friend Nel made it and it brings me lots of joy so don’t forget to reach out to your artists friends right now, they need love and support too!

Interesting Reads

“I was treated like a human kitty-litter box.”—A former Wing employee. So maybe The Wing wasn’t all it cracked up to be?

Apparently getting dumped in public is pretty common, 20 people tell their stories.

Couple’s therapy but for Tech-Bro Co-Founders.

Puppies, that’s it.

165 Years of Love (and War) in The New York Times Wedding Announcements

“What if our real problem was not so much that we are not allowed to go anywhere – but that we don’t how to make the most of what is already to hand?”. The School of Life talks humans and confinement.

I’m here for Harry Styles’s fishnet look.

An APW alum revisits “He’s Just Not That Into You” to see if it still holds up 16 years later.

Obviously I’m not alone in my obsession with the Cheap Old Houses Instagram account.

Colin Kaepernick launched his own publishing company.

The Social Distance Project is here to remind you you’re not alone. Other people are at home and need a place to vent too!

Here are some entertaining comics from 1849 depicting the California Gold Rush.

I probably can’t convince my cat to go along with something this intricate but I wish I could! 

Hopper lives in my dream loft with a custom bathtub to end all bathtubs.

Food & Drink

If you haven’t seen Test Kitchen from the team at Bon Appétit, what are you waiting for? Even if you don’t like to cook, you’d still be into this (at least I think so).

Now is a great time to perfect your “signature” cocktail. Mine is a Spanish G&T and I love it.

I finally gave into “The Stew” and Alison Roman. I have zero regrets.

Y’all, I made a depression cake and it wasn’t that bad! Just don’t skip on the frosting. (egg and dairy free recipe)

My lunchbox never looked this cute.

Anyone can make a decent pot of beans, even you.

Things to do at Home

Sometimes life calls for a dance party. Here’s how the hottest club of 2020 came to be. #clubquarantine

Have you ever wanted to tour a haunted house without ever having to actually be in said house? Well, now is your chance.

You and your album of choice have a date tonight. Time for a deep listening session.

Explore current collections from your favorite museums from all around the world from the comfort of your pajamas.

Crafts for you and your kid(s) from the creative community.

Bryr Studios is rolling out old colors from their leather archive everyday (M-F) for you to shop.

I’ve rediscovered Honestly WTF’s DIY section and can’t stop myself from making wall hangings. It’s a problem.

Our favorite dance studio in Oakland, Hipline, is offering online dance classes. It lets you keep a small business in business, but also means people from everywhere can enjoy these amazing classes.

Things to listen to/watch

If you need short tv shows to binge watch in one sitting this is for you.

I have been super into Jubilee’s YouTube series, Spectrum. They take 6 people with common identities and ask them a series of questions (the responses are all on a spectrum, strongly agree to strongly disagree), it is fascinating. 

KQED compiled a list of live virtual concerts you can stream from home.

Stream Homecoming again and again.

Alyssa’s podcasts picks are the Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us.

Meg’s podcast recs (binge addition) are: This Land, The Clearing, Caliphate, Bundyville (particularly season 2). Her business podcasts recs are: Going Legit‘s current mini-series on piviots (Meg is featured on episode 22), How I Built This, and Without FailWithout Fail.

Zoe Kravitz’s remake of “High Fidelity” has a kickass soundtrack with some help from Questlove.

What have you been doing to keep busy? Any interesting or entertaining finds you want to share with us? Give me your spotify playlists, I need them for all time i’m spending in the kitchen, Link it up in the comments!


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