Our Pop-Up Wedding At The Bob Baker Marionette Theater

Elopement Packages FTW!

Adam, Attorney + Katherine, Attorney
One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Timeless love and enduring childhood whimsy.
Planned Budget: $4,000
Actual Budget: $6,000
Number of Guests: 4
Location: Bob Baker Marionette Theater, Los Angeles, California
Photographer: Alissa Noelle Photography

Where we allocated the most funds: The comprehensive elopement package allowed us to splurge on the extras.

1. Party favors: personalized and embroidered venue tote bags and our favorite candles.
2. “Wedding centerpiece” bouquets that we sent to loved ones who were unable to attend.
3. Photo gifts: wedding albums, prints, etc.

Where we allocated the least funds: I found my dress vintage online and we shopped our own closets for the suit/tie/shirt and sentimental shoes, which were gifts to one another in years past. I love that we did not have the luxury of time to get brand new outfits that might only be worn once. The dress was stretchy and simple so I look forward to bringing my happy wedding memories to future special occasions by wearing a midi version (cut below the knee) and eventually a top (cut at the hip) to go with skirts or pants.

What was totally worth it: For anyone wondering, YES an elopement package was totally worth it. The vendors self-selected and collaborated behind-the-scenes to produce a cohesive and beautiful event that incorporated meaningful customizations and preferences. They kindly guided us through the process, which let us focus on our vows, the moment-to-moment experience of our big day, and our guests.

What was totally not worth it: The elopement package was totally worth it so we have no expenditure regrets at all.

A few things that helped us along the way: Finding the right elopement package made our beautiful wedding possible and practical. I’m so thankful to each of our vendors!

My best practical advice for my planning self: You were not wrong to define “the perfect wedding” as “just showing up in a white dress and enjoying the day.” An elopement package covers all of the essentials. Balancing the limited number of in-person guests with video attendees was a perfect way to share our love and our special day in a meaningful and cost-effective way.

Favorite thing about the wedding: We loved stumbling upon the perfect elopement package that just happened to be at a timeless, local venue (we love Los Angeles) that celebrates childhood and fun every single day. Knowing that the expert florals and photography were perfect and beautiful made the day so fun and relaxed. I can’t even believe that in just one month (working with our vendors on the details) and 2 hours (the event itself), we ended up with 100+ perfect photos—enough to tell the story and share with all of our loved ones. It was so fun putting together a real wedding album and reliving our happy day. To have such beautiful memories and wedding photos coming out of this pandemic was really special and unexpected.

Anything else: Shop small and keep your local wedding vendors busy. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so if you’re ready to elope, let the expert artists work their magic to make your special day a reality.


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