A Dirt-Floor Dance Party In Napa, California

Neon glow sticks and a dirt dance floor

Julianna, Graduate Student (Teacher In The Making) & Scott, Strength And Conditioning Coach

Photographer: Gabriel Harber

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Surrounded by nature, friends, and family came together by goofy music followed by bad dance moves, laughter caused by comedic speeches, and the celebration of unconditional love.

Soundtrack for reading: “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Scott and I were engaged for almost two years and were carefully planning a wedding on a tight budget without leaving behind any detail of our ideal wedding. With the endless help of our friends and family, we made that happen. A wedding gift of a photo booth made our wedding fun without having to expand our budget. A last-minute discovery of a good friend and co-worker being a coffee bar owner, allowed us to offer amazing coffee drinks for our guests at a low cost. My beautiful sister is one of the most creative, crafty, talented, and artistic individuals I know; she spent many, many, many hours making party favors, centerpieces, rustic display decoration, and even my veil! And of course, my mother’s sister and second mother of mine is an amazing pastry chef and made over a hundred beautiful and delicious cupcakes at no cost! Now how cool is that?

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Dancing the night away with neon glow-sticks on a dirt dance floor.


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