Patty & Trent’s DIY Picnic Wedding

This fantastic picnic wedding was shot by practical sponsor Keira Lemonis. I love featuring picnic weddings because, well, I love picnics. They are fun, laid back, and affordable to throw. (And did I mention, fun?) So mixing picnics with the overblown world o’ weddings seems like the perfect antidote. How can you talk your wedding super seriously if you have a “head picnic blanket” instead of a head table? My favorite parts of Patty & Trent’s wedding are that they had a pot-luck dessert buffet, let people bring their dogs, and had had dog treats at the dessert buffet! Awwww….
In the end, the pictures from weddings I love best are always these – the un-posed, un-rehearsed, un-planned moments, filled with joy and emotion.

There were picnic baskets filled with fresh fruit on every picnic table, a clothes line with pictures, bocce and horseshoes, hay bails, a lemonade stand, a wishing well.
And dancing! You can have a picnic wedding and still have plenty of dancing.
There was a playground right next to the wedding “venue” (achem, a park, yay) with a playground. Fun for the kids! Fun for the bride and groom! Just fun!
And… if you didn’t already love this wedding because of the puppies and the swing set and the pot-luck… you should love it because the groom made his own boutonnière. Hurrah for gender fearless grooms!

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