Erin & Rob’s Kid-Friendly Wedding with Alpacas

* Erin, Accountant-Turned-Wedding-Darling-Wannabe & Rob, Auto Mechanic * Photographers: hotmetalstudio * Soundtrack for Reading: “Heavenly Day ” by Patty Griffin *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A weekend-long community event full of laughter and tears, with a touch of ALPACA.

 The Info—Photography: hotmetalstudio / Venue: Succop Conservancy / Centerpieces: DIY with reused wine bottles and flowers from Blooms by the Box / Erin’s Bouquet & Rob’s Boutonniere: My Garden Floral / Erin’s Dress: Wai Ching / Erin’s Necklace & Earrings: Fall Hill Bead & Gem / Pinwheels & Boutonnieres: Rule 42 / Felt Hearts: SewnNatural / Desserts: DIT with moms and sisters

Other cool stuff we should know about: We worked really hard to find the perfect balance between being emotionally open with our guests, while including elements of silliness to be true to ourselves. We were greatly rewarded by seeing everyone have a super-fun time, while telling us how touched they were by our vows. In planning, we thought that the ceremony was for our guests and the party was for us, but it ended up being (perfectly) exactly the opposite.

Know this: don’t worry about keeping your friends and family entertained! We spent time on setting up an I Spy game for guests, and had a beanbag toss (cornhole) that never made it to the reception. We didn’t need either of them, as everyone was so busy wandering the grounds, catching up with one another, and dancing! What was worth it: including song requests on the RSVPs—our friends are not a dancing crowd, but everyone hit the floor when their selections came on! We chose to use an iPod instead of a DJ, and the requests helped make sure that each person heard a song they loved. We got married on Father’s Day, so we knew we had to make it children-friendly. The venue was a perfect place for kids to run around freely, while gifts bags of activities, toys, and costumes kept them occupied and entertaining!

The hanging flowers for the backdrop and reception decoration were a true community event. Erin’s mom and sister, Rob’s parents, their cousin, and Erin and Rob’s friends participated in making and stringing the flowers. After the wedding, some of the flowers ended up on a beautiful commemorative quilt made by the cousin for us.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Hearing each other’s self-created vows for the first time in front of everyone!

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  • Love the hanging flowers! Looks like everyone had a fantastic time. Congrats!

  • Kira

    A Wai Ching dress! And alpacas! Lovely.

  • Rebekah


    Amazing. Congrats on your marriage and on putting together such a lovely and love-filled celebration.

  • meg

    Pinwheels! Alpacas! Not needing to keep people entertained! <3 <3 <3

  • carrie

    Alpacas! That is all.

    And congrats!!

  • Hintzy

    Alpacas! I’m so jealous of the Alpacas :-p

    Congratulations and thank you for the lovely sights you’ve given us this morning!

  • Oh my but the dresses are beautiful! And alpacas! Thats just extra fun.

  • Conversation with my husband just now:

    Me: We didn’t have any alpacas at our wedding.
    Him: What?
    Me: We didn’t have any alpacas at our wedding.
    Him: The animal?
    Me: Yup.
    Him: That looks like an aardvark?
    Me: It looks like a llama.
    Him: Anything else we didn’t have at our wedding?
    Me: Aardvarks.

    • Kelly

      Love this comment AND this beautiful wedding.

    • meg


  • Love this! This is where I got married as well and I cannot say enough wonderful things about Succop. And my name is Erin too, so hooray for Succop weddings for Erins!

  • LIZ (SINCE 1982)

    I would love to contribute a thoughtful comment but all I can think is YOUR DRESSSSSSSSSS UNF!

  • erin s

    OP here – thanks SO much for the totally sweet comments, everyone!

    I wanted to clarify that the alpacas: 1. were not AT our wedding, and 2. are not a part of the Succop Conservancy. They live about 5 miles down the road at Sunset Hills Farm, where we stayed a few nights around the wedding. Our wonderful photographers were 100% game to hop in their VW and get some shots with those adorable guys!

  • Rachelle

    Omg, your husband is the most adorable ever.
    That is all.

  • Helen

    Ahh! Alpacas! How amazing. And congratulations to both of you! :)