41 Wedding Shoes We’d Buy for Ourselves

Kicks for the minimalist and the most extra person you know

The time is near, new shoe season is here! Just kidding. But not really. I’m sure a lot of you are trying to figure out how to pull together your look for your wedding day, which involves everything from head to toe. And the holidays are actually the perfect time to do some wedding shoe shopping.

Stores are busy rolling out product and marketing items for holiday parties and festivities, making it the perfect time to look for special occasion shoes. Since I’m sure y’all are not the white-silk-pumps-from-a-bridal-store crowd, you’re probably already thinking outside the box a little. So we’re here to take you on a tour outside the bridal section to help you find some new wedding kicks. Keep it classy with nude or white heels, take the trendy route with some metallic loafers, or ditch both of those ideas and opt for the show-stopping blue suede stilettos. (And a note on nude shoes. While the whole fashion world hasn’t stepped up to the plate to help solve the “actually that’s not nude for everyone” problem, Christian Louboutin has. And while yes, sure, it’s not the most affordable way to solve a problem, their nudes collection does deserve a hat tip, and might end up providing your perfect shoe, who knows. We’re just damn grateful they’re doing the work.)

While we’ve (of course) dug up a wide range of styles, personally, I love a damn good statement shoe. Bold prints, funky heels, loud colors, or crazy embellishments, I’m here for it. But even though I love those details, not everyone does. So, I’ve rounded up little bit of everything in between for you to wear on your wedding day and beyond. This is your time to shine! Per usual, price ranges and sizes vary, and hopefully you’ll meet your match.

Femme Styles

shoes sitting against a wallChloe Heels via BHLDN ($375)

white shoes on a bed sheetJeffrey Campbell Sweetheart Heel via Free People ($138)

peach shoes with furry tuft on the topTrademark Peach Castaigne Slide via Bona Drag ($578)

white shoes with pearlsPoppy Sandals via Betsey Johnson ($89)

a pair of flats with a peach pomMiss KG Pom Pom Flats via ASOS ($87)

glamorous flatsMalena Flats via BHLDN ($225)

flats with crystals on the topBadgley Mischka Salma Crystal Loafer via Nordstrom ($198)

fancy shiny high heel shoesBadgley Mischka Katrina Embellished Sandal via Nordstrom ($170.63)

lace up flatsSilent D Utahlia Riveted Flats via Anthropologie ($128)

nude heels with pearlsJon Josef Puerto Satin Heels via Anthropologie ($188)

flats with a jewel bowBlue by Betsey Johnson Siera Flat via Betsey Johnson ($109)

high heels with feather fringeAaronita Open Toe Sandals via Nine West ($49.99)

silver heels with embellishmentsBlue by Betsey Johnson Jaxon via Betsey Johnson ($79.98)

Statement Shoes

white retro high heelsGail 2 Pump by Kenneth Cole New York via Nordstrom ($169.95)

red high heel sandalsNina Cherie Illusion Sandal via Nordstrom ($88.95)

black flats with pearlsJeffrey Campbell Reine Flats via Ashbury Skies ($134.95)

high heel heart sandalGianvito Rossi Black & Red Love Heart Sandals via Browns Fashion ($437.50)

dark blue pumpsKaede Pumps via Nine West ($69.99)

high heel tassel sandalVince Camuto Stellima Tassel Sandal via Nordstrom ($118.95)

white wedge shoeSerena Wedge via Free People ($99.95)

grey bejeweled heelsPerfect Combo Heels via ASOS ($103)

blue suede heelsManolo Blahnik BB Velvet Pumps via Neiman Marcus ($465)

black star heelLola Cruz Star Mary Jane Heel via Revolve ($250)

gold vegan dance heelsVegan Dancing Heel via Free People ($138)

Simple and Classic

gold and white t-strap heelsChelsea Crew Vivacious Vibes T-Strap via ModCloth ($69)

metallic rose gold heelsGinger Mary Jane Heel via Urban Outfitters ($59)

white heels with a bowKate Spade New York Izzie via Zappos ($328)

gold satin mulesRaydon Slides via Nine West ($79)

jeweled mesh bootiesBadgley Mischka Moss Mesh Evening Shoe via Bloomingdale’s ($225)

nude strap heelsBP Luminate via Nordstrom ($59.95)

white heels with a bowIvory Lia Mules via BHLDN ($100)

Loafers, Oxfords, Sneakers, and Maybe Some Boots

white studded loafersSteve Madden Kast Studded Loafer via Nordstrom ($89.95)

silver cutout flatsKelsi Dagger Brooklyn Astoria Oxfords via Anthropologie ($148)

glitter sneakersVansOld Skool in Chunky Glitter via Zappos ($55)

shiny silver platform loaferLinea Paolo Jacki Platform Loafer via Nordstrom ($129.95)

white cutout bootiesKaanas Tijuana Cutout Booties via Anthropologie ($198)

beige heeled oxford shoesFleur via Matisse Footwear ($100)

white leather loafersFreda Salvador Light Embossed Loafers via Bloomingdales ($395)

white embellished mulesJeffrey Campbell Long Beach Flat via Free People ($110)

white buckle heelsEllen Buckle Monk via FRYE ($298)

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  • penguin

    Another recommendation – embroidered Keds! Not like I mention these every week or something (cough). I wore these to my wedding and they were comfy and great.


    • theteenygirl

      Pretty sure it was you that recommended them on another thread and I ended up getting the navy/gold ones for my sister for her bridesmaids gift! I’m not a sneaker kind of person but I have considered getting a pair myself!

    • Zoya

      Another vote for Keds! I wore a silver sequined pair with my wedding dress and they’ve become my go-to fancy-occasion shoes.

    • Eve

      Can you tell me how they run size-wise? I haven’t had a pair of Keds since I was a kid but have been eyeing one of the Rifle Paper Co. pairs for wedding dancing, and I figured I could go try on a pair of Keds in-store somewhere and then order that size. All the reviews on the Rifle Keds though say they run huge! Truth or blasphemy?

      • penguin

        Sure! So apparently the herb garden Rifle Paper Co Keds fit a bit different than other Keds according to some reviews. I can’t speak to that (these are my only Keds), but on me I’d say these ran a bit long length-wise (toe to heel) and maybe a bit short height-wise (so from the floor up to the top of my foot). They definitely fit me well enough (I ordered a size 9, and I’m normally anywhere from 9-10) but there was NO extra room for me to add insoles or anything (because of the slightly odd height thing). I’d recommend trying them on in store – I personally ran out of time and couldn’t find any in store so I took a shot on ordering them online. Good luck if you decide to try them!

    • suchbrightlights

      Your shoes should have made this list!

  • Another Meg

    It’s a tradition in our family to wear sneakers when you marry. I wore gold glitter Toms (well, the Target version). One sister wore white leather Keds, another wore white Nike’s with a blue swish as her something blue.

    Started as a necessity – Sis lost her white pumps morning of the wedding and happened to have a new pair of Keds ready to go. It’s become something fun and a great excuse wear really comfy shoes and just not give a fuck. It’s tradition, haters. Too bad!

    • Zoya

      I love that this is a tradition in your family! The most pushback I got on any part of my wedding outfit was the sneakers. My mom was totally fine with me not wearing white, but she couldn’t wrap her head around the notion of dress + sneakers. Even the tailor who altered my dress tried to talk me out of wearing them!

  • Ruth Schechtman

    I just wanted to add to the list a recommendation for “Hey Lady” shoes. They’re an independent shoe designer started by two sisters and they specialize in event shoes that are both cute and comfortable – and isn’t that ultimately the most important quality in a wedding shoe? I wore one of their designs for my wedding – I was on my feet for 8 hrs, dancing for about 4 – and no blisters or pain. I recommend them to everyone because you shouldn’t have to suffer to look cute!

    • PAJane

      YES to comfort being a big, big factor! Thanks for the rec!

  • Zoya

    If your taste in shoes runs to the funky, I’ve recently become enamored of Fluevogs. I have Problem Feet and they’re the only “cute” shoes I can comfortably wear for any length of time. Plus, any of their brick-and-mortar stores will stretch shoes for free, which has been a godsend for this wide-footed gal.

    I own these in red, and they’re the comfiest heels I’ve ever worn: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/5298-malibran-navy-orange?item=1&of=249&anchor=true&show=all

    And if I were going to wear heels for my wedding, I would have worn these: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4621-lyra-blue?item=108&of=249&anchor=true&show=all

    Also, somebody please wear these. I can’t, because Problem Feet, but somebody should: https://www.fluevog.com/shop/4049-murillo-grey-paisley?item=236&of=249&anchor=true&show=all

    • PAJane

      I. LOVE. FLUEVOGS. They used to make a fantastic gold heel (the Desmond style) that would have been perfect, but of course they’re no longer in production now that I have a need for them. I keep hoping they’ll come out with another metallic style between now and next September.

    • I totally want these in red as my wedding shoes. https://www.fluevog.com/shop/3361-guide-turquoise?item=4&of=8&anchor=true

      I keep searching the Fluemarket and other resale options for them in my size. A girl can hope!

  • PAJane

    Can anybody tell me about dance shoes, like the T-straps advertised for Latin dance? They have flexible soles that are often suede instead of shiny & hard. I keep thinking that for a long day of standing and dancing, they may be a good way to go, but I’m concerned about whether it would be a bad idea to wear them for a ceremony and photos outside.

    • Zoya

      I used to wear suede-soled ballroom shoes for social dancing, and found that they weren’t any more or less comfortable than standard dress heels. (See my other comment re: Problem Feet.) The main benefit of the suede soles is that they glide easily on a dance floor, which is very nice for real-deal partner dancing if that’s your thing.

      Wearing suede-soled shoes outdoors will mess up the soles, so I wouldn’t do that if you want to keep them nice for dancing afterward. You could get a pretty-but-less-comfy pair of shoes for the ceremony, and then switch into dance shoes for the reception. (That’s essentially what I did, but with sneakers instead of heels.)

      • PAJane

        That is helpful! So the flexibility of the soles isn’t that much of a factor in terms of comfort? Is there such a thing as a super comfy dance shoe that’s built for cushioning, but has a more normal sole?

        • Zoya

          I actually find rigid soles more comfortable than flexible ones! But that’s me.

          • PAJane

            I’ve never worn heels with flexible soles! I thought maybe that was part of the magic that made dance shoes particularly comfortable, but I guess that’s not the case. Or it’s just subjective.

          • Zoya

            I think subjective is right! If you have a dance store within striking distance, definitely worth going and trying a pair or two on.

    • JC

      I would also like to hear about this and any recommendations people have.

    • Shawna

      Not sure this would work the same for T-straps, but we used to take our suede-soled jazz shoes to the cobbler and have them put on a more durable sole (plastic, I think?). More hardy for kids and anyone planning to take their shoes onto, say, a street for a parade (we danced in a lot of parades growing up). I see no reason you couldn’t do that with heels too!

      • PAJane

        Did you find your dance shoes to be particularly comfy, with either sole?

        • Shawna

          Yes! Well-made dance shoes are extremely comfortable. That’s why they aren’t cheap. If you’re not a heels person, though, they’re still not going to feel like your favorite flats. Just the most comfortable heels.

  • Angela’s Back

    In the boots category, Dr. Martens makes a few different styles in white, off-white and currently pink and silver hologram that are awesome.

    Said hologram boots: http://www.drmartens.com/us/p/womens-boots-reflective-metallic-leather-pascal-im

  • Lexipedia

    I’m strongly considering these in either Platinum or Rosebloom. Originally I was thinking of them just for dancing, but I wore “comfortable heels” as a bridesmaid a couple of months ago and was miserable at the end of the reception. Thoughts on which color? http://www.keds.com/en/keds-x-kate-spade-new-york-champion-glitter/14126W.html?#cgid=women-ourcollections-kedsxkatespadenewyork&dwvar_14126W_color=WF53272&start=1&sma=sm.0000ssyhtlb4bemfslu1sjd1xsncf

    • penguin

      Ooh what color is your outfit? Those are both really fun. Also is this for your wedding or another bridesmaid gig?

      • Lexipedia

        Our wedding! My dress is ivory with tonal stripes – this blog post has pictures of the style, and the bridesmaid color scheme is actually quite similar to the pink/purple they chose as well. https://heyweddinglady.com/styling-decklyn-hayley-paige/ https://www.azazie.com/products/azazie-cora-bridesmaid-dress?color=orchid

        • penguin

          Oh my god I remember that dress!! It was so beautiful omg. I’m actually not seeing a Platinum color for those Keds – did you mean the Platinum gold ones? Or one of the silvery looking varieties?

          Either way, I think any of those Keds would look great. The Rosebloom would match your bridesmaid dresses, while any of the metallic ones would make you stand out (in a good way). The dress looks a bit like a silvery palette to me more than a gold, so I think any of the silvery sparkle ones would look baller with it.

  • suchbrightlights

    I’d started with the idea of wearing gorgeous Badgley Mischka flats, but had to give them up when I had emergency surgery the week before. I bought a pair of Sketchers GoWalk flats off of Amazon and they have become my favorite shoes. I wore them every day on my honeymoon. Sooooo comfortable. Highly recommend!

  • Have to throw a shout out to Shoes of Prey – not cheap, but you can design your own shoes and get them sized to actually fit! Plus, designing shoes is very addictive. I designed and now own the third down from the left here. I may also have treated myself to some cherry flats, some green and white flats, and some black and white polka dot flats with orange bows…

    • Lexipedia

      I want ALL of the ones you designed! I think Shoes of Prey is super cool, I just worry that whatever I design won’t be the best combination.

      • But you can design all the combinations, and then pick the one you like :) They’re also really good about sending out samples and letting you return things. I’ve always wondered what happens to the custom shoes people send back.

  • Shawna

    For people with foot problems (metatarsalgia for me) that complicate shoe shopping, I highly recommend Seychelles. They have super cute strappy shoes (love the wooden block heel) that have surprisingly nice padding in the footbed. I wanted to keep them on all day, but my dress was very heavy and I’m not usually great in heels for a long time anyway. I’m glad I got a cheap pair of gold Easy Spirit flats. Slipped my orthotics in there and it was a happy happy dance party. Did I think I would make those gold flats part of my daily wardrobe before the wedding? No. But I have. And it’s awesome. And I love wearing my wedding ceremony shoes for a nice dinner every now and again. Price well worth it in both cases as a result.

  • Anneke Oosterink

    I just bought cheap and cute flats, blue (as my something blue of sorts) super shiny and comfy. :)

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