Anna & Daniel

* Anna, Actor/Web Developer & Daniel Playwright/Founder of Giant Rabbit * Photographer: Little Bat Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “At Last” as sung by our wedding coordinator *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: It felt like us.

The Info—Photography: Little Bat Photography / Venue: Forest Hill Club / Day-of CoordinatorsDuet Design /Music: Austin Willacy / Catering: La Mediterranee / Cupcakes: Bi-Rite / Compostable everything: Green Event Shop / Anna’s Dress: L’arca de L’avia, Barcelona / Daniel’s Suit: Louis Suparerk Bhasaputra, Enlever Ses Vetements, Bangkok (He took measurements via e-mail and sent back an amazing suit.)

Other cool stuff we should know about: Our rule was, “If it feels too expensive, it probably is. Keep looking.” This kept our budget aligned with our priorities. Clothes and photography? Totally worth every penny. Chairs? Um…who’s going to remember chairs? Anyone? Exactly.

As for the wedding itself, we decided to emcee our own ceremony. We wanted to tell our own story in our own words to make it clear that marriage was something we were choosing to do, and not something that was being done to us. When Daniel’s father, a minister in real life, took over to do the actual legal marrying part, it felt perfectly natural: we never felt lost in the process, and we kept our audience laughing, not crying. And we followed it all up with really good cocktails.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Seriously, conducting our own ceremony—rehearsed for nobody but ourselves—was a blast. And then, of course, the actual moment of getting married was pretty fantastic.

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  • KB

    “Our rule was, ‘If it feels too expensive, it probably is. Keep looking.'” THIS!!! I love this rule with my entire being. I feel like it’s a nice corollary to this rule: if your “We have to have/do it” ends with some form of “…so-and-so expects it” and/or “…that’s the way it’s done” and not “…because we want to have/do it,” then you don’t HAVE to have/do it.

  • Oh wow that dress. Your joy is shining through, and it seems there was a cool relaxed, fun vibe to the reception. All the happiness to you on this journey.

  • This is a wedding I wish I’d attended. Wow. It would be awesome if you COULD make a “word-ed” post too and share what you said in the ceremony. Again: wow.

  • Jessica Schilling

    So gorgeous! The dress is amazing. Love that you got ready together and did most of the ceremony yourselves!

  • Oh my goodness! So much joy! Congratulations to you both. :)

  • carrie

    These pictures made me smile, as most wedding pics on APW do. Congratulations!

    Also, I clicked on Giant Rabbit b/c I was all, what’s that? And it’s the cleanest, coolest website I’ve ever seen. I even pinned one of the illustrations b/c it was so cool. Just had to share!

  • L

    Such a great dress! And I love the picture where you are gesturing and smiling during the ceremony, it really gave me an idea of what it meant to have the two of you run the show. Congratulations!

  • KOTF

    So sweet! So much joy!

    I know this is a wordless wedding, but I sure wish I could hear more words about this self-conducted ceremony. I’d love to do something like that for my own ceremony but wouldn’t even know where to begin.

  • I’ve been reading through the blog a bit and I wanted to comment on the Wordless Wedding and Reclaiming Wife categories. Both are a brilliant idea and so different from what any other wedding blog I’ve seen (and being in the industry I’ve seen a LOT of them) is doing. Letting the photos tell the story with WW is letting the pictures do what they’re supposed to do (can you guess that I’m a ‘tog?) and the “follow up” aspect of Reclaiming Wife is wonderful and I hope it helps some of those newlyweds who find the first year after the wedding to be a bigger challenge than they thought it would be. Great job!

  • Anna

    Aw, thanks, everyone! I largely avoided bridal forums because, well, they scared me – leave it to APW to bring together such a lovely group of people. Thanks for all the kind words.

    As for the ceremony, here’s the structure that worked for us – odd as it sounds, we approached it just like we would any other writing – what do we want you (audience) to get out of this? (Daniel says: “This was fun for us because we like public speaking. If you don’t like public speaking, it would be torture.”) True, that.

    1) Hi to everyone (Daniel’s opening was, “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today… to GET MARRIED!!” [insert lots of cheering and merriment] – it set the tone that it was okay to laugh and that we were there to have fun);

    2) A brief and funny summary of getting together (we passed the story back and forth) and why we were doing the marriage thing;

    3) A song;

    4) A few words on marriage from our minster (Daniel’s dad) that led to our “vows” which were:
    — Daniel’s thoughts on me (I’d only heard them once);
    — My thoughts on him (ditto; he’d only heard them once);

    5) The marriage part, and the whole sweeping kiss bit.

    It went over like gangbusters, but then again, our family knew what they were in for – they’ve put up with us for a while now. ;-)

    HAPPY WEDDINGS to you all, and have a blast.

  • Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  • so brilliant…

  • RS

    Hi Anna,

    Beautiful wedding! …I realize it’s been awhile since your wedding and you probably don’t get email notifications when someone comments, BUT I had to ask: did you custom design your dress and ask the Spanish store linked above to make it? Because they don’t seem to have any “vestidos de novia” available. When I looked under Catálogo under the vestidos de novia link for both Piezas de época and Reproducciones artesanales. It’s such an amazing, unique dress.

    Me puedes ayudar?


    • Anna

      R! I randomly came across your comment – I didn’t design the dress; they just had it in the window… and it fit. ;-) ¡Buena suerte con todo y felicidades!