Sarah and Casey’s Self-Officiated Philly Food Truck Wedding

* Sarah, Illustrator and Graphic Designer & Casey, Software Developer * Photographer: Kateryn Silva Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “Postcards from Italy” by Beirut *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Pure Joy.

The Info—Photographer: Kateryn Silva Photography / Venue: Maas Building / Food: Pitruco Pizza / Dessert: Little Baby’s Ice Cream / Music: West Philadelphia Orchestra / Flowers: Diana Settar (Based in Chicago)/ Sarah’s Dress: Lyden by J Crew

Other cool stuff we should know about: Something that we both wanted for our wedding ceremony was to write our own vows and officiate ourselves. Being two introverts, this was probably a surprising choice, but it felt right. We had both arrived at the decision to get married after careful consideration, so we felt that this was a way to really own this new chapter in our lives. Pronouncing ourselves husband and wife was a really awesome and empowering moment for us.

Also during that weekend, our families met for the first time. I’m originally from Illinois and Casey’s from Virginia, so there had not been a chance for them to meet previously. My favorite moment was sitting around our dining room the day before with my family and Casey’s mom. We chatted and joked and caught up, and it felt so natural and easy to have everyone together.

Favorite thing about the wedding: (Really hard to decide on just one moment, but…) Towards the end of dinner, the West Philadelphia Orchestra made a surprise entrance as they filed into the dining area and started playing music. It was so fun and joyful and got everyone off their bums and dancing.

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