Pitcher Cocktails: The Muddle-Free Mojito

Step one: Make sure the rum isn't gone

Is it really surprising that I’m the one writing about another cocktail where a primary ingredient is mint? Y’all, mint is delicious. (It’s also super easy to grow your own, though keep it in a pot or it’s going to kill everything around it.) However, because rum is my liquor of choice when it comes to mixed drinks, it’s actually mojitos, not mint juleps, that are my usual minty drink choice. I know, I know, shame on my shallow Southern roots! But given an endless supply of good rum (and maybe a bit of good gin), I’d probably never look at a bottle of whiskey again.

If you remember how to make mint simple syrup from our Julep recipe, and you’re acquainted with the potential dangers of juicing limes outside, then you’re going to have no trouble with this mojito recipe. We’ve already written about how to prepare cocktails in big batches in advance, so review that if you need to. All cocktail recipes are essentially ratios, and just like with our previous drinks, we’ll give you the recipe for one cocktail (which one should always have, in case of I-need-this-tonight emergencies) and then the basic ratio for scaling up.


Bring a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water to a boil. Simmer for ten minutes, dissolving the sugar, then remove from the heat. For every cup of water, add one bunch of mint. Steep for twenty minutes, strain, and refrigerate.

Mojito RECIPE 

1.5 oz white rum
.5 oz mint simple syrup
.5 oz lime juice
1 oz soda water

mojito RATIO

3 parts white rum, 1 part mint simple syrup, 1 part lime juice, 2 parts soda water


150 oz white rum
50 oz mint simple syrup
50 oz lime juice
100 oz soda water

You may need to do some math at the store when you are buying your booze. Some spirits are sold in ounces, others in liters, others in quarts, pints, or gallons. We highly encourage using this smartphone app or this one, or this website for your conversions.


Since this particular Mojito is muddle-free (yay!), to achieve our straight-from-the-resort look, add a mint sprig and lime wheel to each glass when serving. Or if you’re serving these in actual pitchers, forget garnishing the glasses and stuff clear pitchers full of mint and lime to use as imbibing decor.

So, if you’re at my house and wondering why the rum is gone, you have your answer. But hopefully with our math, you won’t have to worry about that at your wedding.

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