Our Plus Size Wedding Dress Collection is Coming to LA!

Snag your appointments now, y'all

Last weekend we hosted the first pop-up event for our plus size wedding dress collaboration with Lace & Liberty (for more on that, head right here). While the APW crew couldn’t be there in person for that one (though hot tip: we’re coming for you next month, NYC, so if you want in on that action stay tuned for an update next week), I heard from the ladies at Lace & Liberty that y’all were, as ever, rock stars.

We’ll be sharing more of the collection in a few weeks, plus updates on our launch, but first, an announcement: our plus size wedding dress collection will be traveling to Los Angeles next month! Lace & Liberty just opened up a brand-new showroom in West Hollywood. And while our dream is to be able to host the collection there permanently, to start, our samples will be making a pit stop in Los Angeles on the following weekends.

By booking an appointment at one of our pre-launch trunk shows, you get one-on-one attention from the ladies who designed the dresses themselves. Which means any questions or customizations can be answered right there, in real time. Also, having worked with these badass women for the better part of a year, there’s basically no one I’d rather have in a fitting room than Lace & Liberty’s designer, Annie. She’s exactly the kind of one-woman cheerleading squad you want on your side when trying on wedding dresses.

So go do the thing, LA. And New York, we’ll see you next month too!

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