A Solange Themed Wedding with a Beyonce Conga Line

And a puppy in a bowtie

brandon, Stylist with Slingin’ Pretty  & Matthew, Whole Foods customer service guru

Like we were all auditioning to be in the next Anthropologie catalog while dancing along to Beyoncé.

SOUNDTRACK FOR READING: “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray Lamontange


We keep saying what we remember most is that we had FUN! All our most favorite people in one place at the same time, supporting us, loving us, dancing with us!


We asked all the guests to come dressed in our neutral color palette of cream, ivory, tan, ecru, blush, and white. (We kind of got the idea from Solange’s wedding!) The idea that everyone in the room, united in these colors together, supporting our love, we thought would tell an awesome story in pictures.

Brandon was escorted down the aisle by both is parents, Rick and Carol. Matt’s dad passed away a few years ago, so he was escorted down the aisle by his mom, Barbara, and our sweet dog, Oliver!

Brandon secretly worked with his friend Lizzie to create a surprise for Matt during the reception. The result was an acoustic ukulele Beyoncé medley! Featuring Brandon’s interpretive dance to “Crazy in Love,” “Single Ladies”—rewritten to “Single People”—and “Love on Top” which concluded in a “Love on Top” flash mob conga line that wrapped around the building and through the woods!

In lieu of a religious type of ceremony with a sermon, our celebrant read from the book Brandon used to propose to Matt: Shel Silverstein’s “The Missing Piece Meets The Big O.” This idea that we are two individuals who found each other and through trial, tests, and togetherness we get to do life together. We aren’t the cliche missing piece of the puzzle who “become one” type. We are very much two separate people who choose to love, honor, and respect each other and celebrate our individuality.

Also… we were so excited to celebrate Virginia’s recent decision in favor of same-sex marriage!


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