Just When You Thought Pop up Weddings Couldn’t Get Any Better…

BOOM: there's a new tiny wedding venue in town

a couple laughing during their pop up wedding

Here at APW, we love weddings of all sizes. But secretly? Of all the kinds of weddings in the world, pop-up weddings are my personal favorite—maybe because when we ran off and got married at the courthouse, we had an early version of a pop-up wedding. So it’s been super fun to see DC-based Pop! Wed Co. taking the idea of a fast, simple wedding, and constantly innovating amazing ways to pull it off.

When they first landed on the scene, we were all over it. Super colorful, joy-filled pop-up weddings that are just happening all over the city? YAS, please. Since then, every time I’ve thought that there’s no way Pop! Wed Co. could get better, they have—and now they’ve even topped themselves and added a brand-new tiny wedding venue to their list of offerings, which means that now Pop! Wed Co. can both officiate and host even more pop-up weddings in 2017 (and beyond). With killer rates beginning at $2,800 for weekday elopements and $3,200 for weekends, it’s time we break this down:
pop wed co new space in dcpop wed co new spacepop wed co new space in dc

one tiny venue to rule them all

The new Pop! Wed Co. tiny venue is straight up legit, y’all, and there’s even a 360° tour to back it up. After hearing over and over again from couples that twenty to thirty wedding guests is pretty much the crucial amount, the crew decided to make it happen. The addition means that now up to thirty guests (and dogs!) can comfortably fit, so you can invite more people than ever to your pop-up wedding with the team.

And you know what’s extra fun? The venue decor will change every two months. Think bright neon for two months, then a dramatic switch to greenery and charcoal, followed by brightly colored art.

two men laughing during their wedding ceremonya couple standing against a colorful walla couple getting married outside

As much as we love Pop! Wed Co, it’s important to note that they really love you guys, too—the good vibes are strong here. As Maggie laid it out:

It’s no secret that we superlove APW couples. We’re all about planning weddings that feel right to our couples—and APW couples do what they want to because they want to, not what tradition dictates we must do. And also, just… fuck stress. Weddings are about love and awesomeness and positivity. But definitely not stress!

And that kind of love is bounced right back to Pop! Wed Co. from their couples, like Alli and Andy:

We loved every second of our tiny pop-up wedding! Maggie and Steven were so helpful and responsive to all our logistical questions, and the day itself was such a blast! Not only did we have a great time, but our guests loved it, too. Rachel did our photos, and not only did she deliver amazing images, but she was really fun to work with, particularly for people like my husband(!!!) and me who are not used to photo shoots at all. If we could do it all over again, we totally would!

two men getting married in front of a colorful walltwo women celebrating their pop up wedding day

Pop! Wed Co. offers two main packages. The first is their standard (one hour of pop-up wedding coverage for ten or fewer guests, on-location or at their venue). The rate is $2,900 on weekdays and $3,200 on weekends, and includes your officiant (plus courthouse paperwork!), a photographer for ceremony photos and a portrait session, and bonus treats.

The second package is new, and is primarily for couples who are looking to utilize the awesome power of the new tiny venue. As the team has noticed an uptick in larger groups who want to hang out for longer than the hour allotted (and that many couples want to do more photography), they’ve adapted to give you guys what you want. Essentially, it’s a double Pop! Wedding: two and a half hours of coverage (with photography the entire time), your wedding at the new venue space, and a cake large enough for a group up to thirty. The rate is $6,100 for weekdays and $6,400 for weekends.

family toasting a wedding day by pop wed coa couple standing outside a tiny wedding venue in dc

If you’ve been toying with the idea of eloping but don’t necessarily want to reeeeally elope, pop-up weddings might totally be your jam—and if you’re in DC, they definitely should be. Head over to Pop! Wed Co. and see how good your tiny wedding can be.

check out wedding photos, get more details, and reach out to Maggie and co. to start planning your Pop! Wedding!

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