A Practical Wedding

Welcome to my new blog. I decided that I needed a place to talk about weddings, and it wasn’t fair to inundate my friends and family over at my personal blog. Here at chez progress, my partner-in-crime and I are trying to plan a sane wedding on (gasp) a reasonable budget that reflects our personal values. I love offbeat bride, and largely share Ariel’s philosophy, in some ways I’m not that offbeat. I plan to rock the Huppah in a white dress, have bridesmaids, and have a first dance with David. But I seem to have next to nothing in common with the wedding industry, and I hate that it’s trying to tell me what to do.

That said there are a lot of things I care about in this process:

  • keeping the wedding on a sane budget
  • having a simple and religious ceremony
  • keeping in mind that this is our families day as much as this is our day
  • Having a egalitarian wedding
  • Making sure the party is FUN
  • Including our community

Oh yes, and I want the wedding to be stylish and creative. We started dating when we were producing theatre together, for goodness sake!

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