Project Wedding Dress – It Begins

I mentioned in a past post that, inspired by the incredible Kimi, I’m going to attempt to make my wedding dress. In fact, it seems that all of the women in my family and David’s family will attempt to make my wedding dress together over the holidays (how cool is that?) This sounds more ambitious then it is, since my mom sewed all of our clothes when we were little, and my sister and I have been sewing and designing our own clothes since we could reach the machine – we just haven’t done much of it in recent (busy) years. Project Wedding Dress starts this weekend, as I crawl out of my sickbed to go fabric shopping, or more precisely, to go shopping for fabric swatches.

So this is where you come in, you creative and crafty readers. I’m looking for heavy silks and interesting lace. Where in San Francisco should I be going shopping? On my list so far are Britex (those colors, swoony delicious), and Satin Moon Fabrics. Where else should I shop?

Current handmade wedding dress inspirations: this handmade wedding dress via Once Wed , Another drop dead amazing dress from Down to My Soul via Peonies and Polaroids

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  • Wow that Britex store is my idea of heaven!

  • Uh, lost the rest of my post.
    I LOVE it that all the women in your family will be making your dress.

    Am not able to help with stores in SF unfortunately…

    Can’t wait to see your ideas!

  • You should have a little picture shoot while you and your family are all gathered around making your dress.

    It would be so neat to have a picture of that framed maybe with a scrap of leftover material.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    I was going to send you a link to that dress from Once Wed, I saw it and thought of you!

    I wish I’d had the guts to try this, I’m so excited for you that you and your lady folk are making something so special for your wedding.

  • I think it’s fantastic you and your family are making your own wedding dress. I really disliked my bridal salon experience — it sounds like your dress will be much better!

  • Oh – Britex is fabric HEAVEN! My mom is making my dress (an ambitious undertaking – an Oscar de la Renta knock-off), and ever since her first trip to Britex over 10 years ago – she is hooked! I bought the fabric for my dress there in April while visiting friends. The price was good – dupioni silk for $15/yard. And 50 mother of pearl buttons (cost more than the fabric). Although they are a good resource for all sorts of things, the price of some notions and trims might be better elsewhere.

    You are going to have so much fun with this project! Enjoy!

  • Cannot wait to see what you come up with! My sister is an amazing seamstress. I’m trying to get her on the Living blog for a sewing column. :)

  • My friends and I are doing the same thing this winter! Not my family so much, but all the women who would be in my bridal party if I was having one. I can’t WAIT to hear about your process.

    . . . I’m also getting married at my folks’ house. Really, I just want to have Meg’s wedding from Little Women, or Laura’s from the Little House books.

  • no ideas about SF, but if your willing to shop online Silk Baron is amazingly fast, very proffesional, and has fantastic prices. If we hadn’t run into that 40% off coupon for Joanne Fabrics, we were going to use them. They send swatches.

  • Really happy to see that other people are considering doing this too. It is such a lovely idea (and a moneysaver!).
    I look forward to hearing how you get on

  • Not sure if you can get a small amount but pickering international is in SF, they’re amazing and they have a gorgeous cream hemp vegan silk that I’m using for my own wedding dress. I have an eco-friendly women’s wear line and I work with pickering a lot. I’m also the gal that wrote to you about my love knot engagement ring from rust belt (bario neal) … keep up the great work! I love reading your blog!!

  • katie

    I love reading your blog & i just want to say good luck! I think its amazing that you're going to be making your dress with the help of your family … you definitely provide inspiration, and a very welcome (and needed!) perspective to weddings… thanks :)

  • Lacis…amazing vintage lace, patterns, inspiration in Berkeley. It's got weird hours, so check first. But it's amazing. It's on Adeline at Ashby, right by BART if you don't want to drive!

    good luck! how amazing & fun!

  • This is a wonderful team effort. I am having my dress handmade, as well. It is a great feeling to leave all the mass-produced gowns and designer names out of this special day.

    You could try Thai Silks down in San Mateo. Lots of nice silk shantung, taffeta, and lace. Good luck :)