This Wedding Was Officiated by Puppets and It Will Make Your Day

You're never too old for a puppet sing-a-long

Puppet Wedding

Sometimes, while going through the APW email, we get some gems that end up in Happy Hour, on Facebook, or even as inspiration for a post. But when we saw this wedding video, we quit what we were doing, made it full screen, laughed a bunch, and realized this puppet wedding needed to be shared. So do yourself a favor and take a few minutes to make your day way better. Everything will seem a little less serious afterward.

Here’s what Joe and Tammy had to say about the inspiration for their very animated ceremony:

We wanted a wedding that would be fun and unique. We thought of the idea of having a puppet be our officiant. We sat down to write the script of the ceremony and the idea grew into six puppets. We contacted L.A. Puppet School, and they were excited to help make it happen for us. They provided us with four talented puppeteers, and one of them got ordained (so it’s legal!). We kept it a secret from everyone, even the wedding party. They kept asking, “Who’s performing the ceremony?” And we kept saying, “It’s a surprise.” Since we work in the film industry, I think they assumed it would be some sort of a celebrity. Our parents found out at the wedding rehearsal. We were nervous how they’d react, but they loved the idea. Everybody had a great time, including us. We also had puppet making during the reception so that everyone could go home with a puppet. And for the last dance, everyone brought their puppets onto the dance floor!


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