A Nerdy Mozambique Wedding Adventure In A Purple Dress

A 5 day holiday with a ceremony in the middle of it

Szerdi, Classics Lecturer and Wedding Photographer & Andrew, Web Developer and Wedding Photographer

 Soundtrack for reading:Mountains” by Biffy Clyro

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Love-filled inclusive holiday with a wedding thrown in for good measure.

Purple Wedding Dress Mozambique Wedding (70)Purple Wedding Dress Mozambique Wedding (71)

Other cool stuff we should know about: Andy and I planned every detail of our wedding together. We live in South Africa and decided to get married in our neighbouring country of Mozambique, as we are both head over heels in love with it and have travelled there eight times in our seven years together. Initially having a destination/secular wedding was met with a great deal of opposition, but when the time came for everyone to pack their bags and make the five hour car trip and then one hour off-road trip, everyone was in love with our wedding nearly as much as us! Our wedding was a five-day holiday adventure with our dearest friends and family, which culminated in a celebration of our love and one hell of a party.

I wore a gorgeous purple dress I bought off Modcloth and had slightly modified (I won’t get into the resistance and hostility I was met with for this choice). Purple has always been my favourite colour so there really wasn’t another choice. We walked down our aisle together escorted by both sets of parents. That way, not only were we entering into marriage as a unified force, but we did it will all four of our parents by our side. Our officiant and my work colleague read from Plato’s Symposium (I am a full on Classics nerd, we even had a Latin blessing!) where Plato speaks about soul mates and how they come in all forms of gender combinations, and this was very important for us. We wrote our own vows, and Andy made a wine box, in which we put our vows, a great bottle of red wine, and dark chocolate, to open on our one-year anniversary, to repeat every year.

The day before our wedding and the morning of, everyone pitched in and helped to decorate our ceremony and reception area. The spirit of community warms me to the cockles every time I think about it! We really strove to be as inclusive with everything as possible—the way we arranged the ceremony and reception area is testament to this. We really wanted everyone to feel a part of this celebration and to be an active participant in it! Honestly, I could write a dissertation about how magical/fleeting and special our wedding was and how uniquely it represented us as a couple, but the warm fuzzy feeling and stupid grin we get every time we talk about it or look at our pictures are evidence enough. Our wedding was an amazing day for us. Afterwards, I was glad it was over, but I cherish every detail of it I can remember. It was definitely one of my favourite days.

Favorite thing about the wedding

Cheesey, but marrying my favourite person, sharing an amazing memory-filled holiday with all those we care about, and boogie-ing on the dance floor with our parents!


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  • I think this might be the best Wordless Wedding I’ve seen. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous, and totally looks like I party I’d want to be at! Best of luck to you both!

    • Szerdi

      Thank you so much xxx

  • PA

    I wore a gorgeous purple dress I bought off Modcloth and had slightly modified (I won’t get into the resistance and hostility I was met with for this choice).

    When I saw this line, I knew I had to comment–the first thing I noticed was your dress, and how gorgeous your ensemble was! (I love Andrew’s, too–I have a thing for grey suits!)

    I’m sorry you got kickback! You looked so gorgeous and perfectly at ease. Also, I am in love with your fascinator!

    • Sarah

      Yes! Why not purple? You look happy and gorgeous!

      • I adore the purple! I ended up wearing a more traditional champagney-ivory colored dress, but I very nearly wore a gorgeous teal one so I love that you picked your favorite color and stuck with it! Congratulations to both of you.

  • This is one of the most stunning wedding picture-stories I’ve ever seen. Just … yes. Gorgeous!!!

  • Jo

    Can you share the Plato text? That sounds pretty wonderful!

    • Szerdi

      It is from Plato’s Symposium in Aristophanes’ speech, here is my reference: Translated by Benjamin Jowett from
      Collected Works of Plato, 4th Edition, Oxford U. Press, 1953 (189c-189d) p 520 to (193d-193e) p 525

      • Jo


  • NB

    Eeeee!!! This is one great big smile-till-your-face-hurts wonder. And your purple dress is amazing.

    Thanks for sharing that big ol’ pile of joy with us.

  • Jashshea

    1. Gorgeous
    2. (And this is the highest compliment I can give) I want to be at that wedding. SO fun.

    • Szerdi

      Thank you so very much :D

  • Daynya

    “The spirit of community warms me to the cockles every time I think about it!”

    Squeeeee! SO cute. LOVE this wedding!

  • ElisabethJoanne

    A wedding with Plato and Latin!! I’m in love

  • Taylor B

    Beautiful!!! Love the ceremony components, and that reception looks amazing. You are stunning in your ensemble. Would you mind elaborating on the logistics of entering together, with both sets of parents? This is something we are trying to figure out ourselves, and just not sure how it works to get 6 people up to the front “together” :)

    • Szerdi

      Basically what we did is had my parents and myself meet Andy and his folks at the top of the aisle. His folks led, mine followed and then Andy and I went afterwards. That way it was kinda like both set of parents ‘giving us away’ (i hate that term, but I cant think of a better one!) or maybe, ‘happily acknowledging and participating in our union’.
      I hope that helps! It was a puzzle logistically for us too, its the best we could come up with :)

      • Taylor B

        yes, thank you, that does help!! Sounds like you two had similar feelings about this part of the ceremony. This is one of the trickiest details for us, your solution is really helpful. And thanks for the Plato reference, will be looking that up too!

        (And just scrolled through the photos again, SO gorgeous!)

  • Your wedding pictures are stunning. If there was half as much joy as those pictures are beautiful, you guys must have had an amazing entry into marriage!

  • Sam

    Just…. Yay. May the sun always feed your souls, even in the (hopefully few and far between) dark times.
    And, ps: the purple rocks.

    • Szerdi

      Thank you for your such kind words!

  • I love everyone sitting on the blankets! So sweet. :)

  • Denise

    I loved Plato’s Symposium and we used it as a reading at our wedding. Such a good choice. This wedding was gorgeous. I love the choice of the purple dress! I’m glad you stood your ground despite the push back from those around you.

    • Szerdi

      Thank you so much! I am so happy I stuck with it and didnt bow to any raised eyebrows!

  • Szerdi

    Guys! I am too blown away by everyone’s positive feedback!
    Thats why I love this community so much! You guys all rock :)

    • Me too! Thanks for the great response!
      I’m so proud that Szerdi and I stuck to our guns and the results were something very special and true to both of us! And I know that everyone who initially gave us a hard time had the best time of their lives!… I had to say “I told you so…”

  • Justine

    I love your wedding, , Szerdi and Andrew! Szerdi, your purple dress is perfect, and Andrew, I love your shirt/vest/slacks combination. Even more than that, I love how happy everyone is and how much fun you all were having. Congratulations!

  • RachelC

    Wow what an incredibly gorgeous wedding. One of the most bare naked and gaspingly happy weddings I’ve seen ever. High five to your photographer, but mostly to you guys!! Rock on!

  • This wedding is amazing. Wow.

  • Claudine

    So funky! Was so impressed by you two at Bridget and Glenn’s wedding! Well done!!

  • I just re-read this awesome wedding and noticed that Szerdi’s nails are green… lovely little detail.

  • What a seriously cute wedding! I love the offbeat nature and casual vibe of the bride and groom. Great job by the photographer mixing beautiful portraits and great documentary coverage!

  • And you drank 2M! Perfect…

    • Szerdi

      Well of course! There is no better beer ;) how do you know 2M??? Waar woon jy?

  • Karin

    Hi Szerdi…. Where in Mozam did you book your accomodation? We are getting married in Mozam in October and I am just really struggling to find accom for 20 people on the beach. xxx And your wedding looks AMAZING! so so so beautiful!!!!! Love all the photos :)