Susan & Sam’s Texas BBQ In Queens

Susan, Book Editor & Sam, Graphic Designer * Photographer: Toni Skotcher * Soundtrack for Listening: “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes *

One line sum-up of the wedding vibe: Laid-back Texas BBQ within New York City limits

The Info—Photographer: Toni Skotcher / Location: Floral Park, New York / Venue: Queens County Farm Museum / Susan’s Dress: BHLDN / Susan’s Shoes: BHLDN by way of eBay / Sam’s Suit: J.Crew / Sam’s Bow Tie: Macy’s

Other cool stuff we should know about: I’m from Texas, Sam grew up just outside the city, and we met and fell in love and currently reside in Queens. We wanted to have a wedding that was convenient to our families and friends and also didn’t feel like your typical New York City wedding (bonus points for being in Queens!). The Queens County Farm allowed us to have the laid-back BBQ feel with the bonus of allowing us to feed alpacas during cocktail hour. Also, despite having little to no Irish heritage, I have played the tin whistle for years and love Irish music, so we had an awesome Irish trio play during the ceremony.

Some friends made the cake toppers, escort stand, and arranged all of the flowers. Sam handled all the design elements from the invitations to the table numbers. We had three cakes because we couldn’t decide which flavor was our favorite and because three shorter cakes was much cheaper than one huge layered one. During the cake cutting we played “The Final Countdown” as an homage to Arrested Development that was premiering on Netflix the day of our wedding. We figured that the friends who were kind enough to skip binge watching it to come to our wedding would get the joke, and the rest of the people would just think we really liked the Swedish band Europe.

Favorite thing about the wedding: It was just amazing to have so many people from so many aspects of our lives together and apart all in one place. The warmth and community support around us made all the planning worth it.

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  • I love this! I’m headed to a wedding at Queens County Farm over Labor Day weekend, and these pictures made me extra excited. Also, I’m a Texas girl married to a native New Yorker living in Queens too, so I think I’m extra partial to all your personal touches:).

  • Emily

    I’m wearing the same dress for my wedding in a few weeks! Glad to see it looks great on her. :)

  • Breck

    I love your veil!! The little hearts are so adorable!


  • MK

    Look! Alpaca lips now!

    I kid. That looks like a really beautiful ceremony–with the advantage of not being in the Texas heat in high summer! Love the birdcage veil.

  • Emmers

    Adorable wedding! Looks so chill and delightful.

  • There’s a farm in Queens?! Now I want to go to Queens, which is a sentence I never thought I’d say!

    • Susan

      There is indeed. And they have a corn maze in the fall!

      • Ahhhhhhhh! I’ve been missing corn mazes and general country-ness since my move to NYC from Ohio. It looks like I need to head over to Queens!

        • granola

          Dude the Queens County Farm Museum rocks. I went to a Christmas wreath making class there last fall and it was everything you’d hope for. Go! Now!

  • scw

    new arrested development – the best wedding present of all!

  • Ron

    So much character! Great pics

  • I’m getting married at Queens farm in 5 DAYS! Love all your details and this just made me even more excited (I didn’t think it was possible!) We always wanted a farm wedding (and also live in queens) but the alpacas really sold us on the venue. ;)

    Congratulations on a beautiful day! All the best!

  • Oh my god you guys are TOO CUTE. I CAN’T.

  • Jessica

    I really love your birdcage veil with the little hearts! Are you able to say where you bought it/had it made? Congratulations on a beautiful, happy day!

    • Susan

      Thanks! I actually got it from BHLDN also, but didn’t mention it because I couldn’t find the link, so I think they don’t sell them anymore. You’re welcome to mine if you want it though. I was thinking of selling it, but have been pretty lazy about it post-wedding.

  • Alpacas!

  • This is a beautiful example of a wedding where simplicity in design and decor truly make the bride and groom stand out. Absolutely lovely.

  • Pixie_moxie

    Congratulations! I just wanted to gush about your dress and veil! So fun and fabulous!

  • dawn

    “This way to…Compost.”