Rally The Troops!

Hi All! Intern Lauren here!

So, I know you guys are all like money, money, money, ok whatever. But I thought it might be incredibly useful and maybe pull at your heart strings a little more to know where the funds from this donation drive is actually going.  So, I thought in lieu of a purple thermometer (but OMG a purple thermometer after so many days of taking my temperature kind of speaks to me, no? No.), I’d tell you about where we are so far.  Since Monday we’ve raised just about $2,000 in mostly $5 increments.  That means A LOT of people have donated.  Like woah.

In real life terms, it means that Meg has the real life option to pay Alyssa and I for 3 months at minimum wage (coughcough nudgenudge), or  she now has a little more financial freedom to really start planning and working on the sister site, Reclaiming Wife (set to launch sometime in 2011, fingers crossed!).  We also have some other community based (hello, that means YOU!)  ideas being thrown around and researched – all of which costs money. Le sigh.

Amazing, yes?  But what if we could we raise a whole 5K?  What if Meg could launch Reclaiming Wife AND still set aside some safety money to make the community bigger and better?  Would it be worth another $5?  How would you like to see APW grow and improve?  What if I throw in a kitty?

(Image found from dailycuteness.comyou should check them out eeeeeee!!!)
Now, I totally get that not everyone wants to give money, it’s not how you roll, and we’re all fine with that.  Handshake, no guilt and all that.  For Reals.  BUT! I also know that there are tons of you who are thinking that maybe you kind of should give money, and sort of want to, but haven’t quite gotten around to it. Why do I know?  Because I’ve watched about 100 hours of Rick Steves’ Europe during PBS pledge marathons and never could quite work up the energy to be one of those people calling on the ringing phones behind the hosts.  But I always WANTED to be.
So if that’s you, think of the kittens.

Or leave a comment with something you’d like to see on the site or in addition to the site in the near(ish) future, or whatever.

You guys are really awesome and come up with lots of amazing, thoughtful ideas everyday in comments, so even if we don’t (or can’t) rock out reader suggestions, know we read them all and really appreciate them.

So click a button! And then I will kiss you right on the mouth. Too much? I’m out.

**EDIT**  Okay, so I’m back again.  For those of you who would like to make a donation at a later date or don’t want to use PayPal because you think it’s the devil, please email Alyssa at alyssa at apracticalwedding dot com.  Meg will make her decision on the future of the donation button (which is SO CUTE, by the way, yay Super Runaway!!) at a later date.  But for now, let’s assume that it’ll go away after this week and if you know you’ll make a donation later, please email Alyssa!

Okay, really for reals going this time!

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  • Question: will the pledging links be available longer-term? As a button on the sidebar, maybe? Between wedding-payment-recovery and the holidays, our finances are in a tight spot right now, but I really, really, really want to give.

    • meg

      Enough people have asked that I’ll tuck the links away. There will probably be a link on the tippy top next to “wedding elves” (the vendor forum) that says “Team Practical” and you’ll be able to find them there. I don’t want people to feel any PRESSURE to give on a day to day basis, but enough people have told me that I need to allow them away to give, that I know I need to do something. So I figure tucking it away is a lovely solution, no? More on this next week, when the deed is done.

      • ddayporter

        ah! cool!

      • Perfecto! Sad that I can’t be part of the big Pledge Drive Aught Ten, but I’ll drop pennies in the bucket the moment I can. <3

        • Katie

          This would be great. Just got married and honeymooned…and the holidays are around the corner. Really want to give – just really can’t at the moment. Let us support you and your amazing blog year-round!

          • Me too…
            I’ll donate early next year, once we’ve finished paying off the wedding & honeymoon, sorted Christmas and figured out how the finances look now that we have a mortgage :) Its a great blog and I am totally keen to help it continue!

      • Or even just a small Donate! button would be cool, unobtrusive, and yet easily identifiable by anyone who wanted to give in the future. I know a lot of blogs turned websites that have done this (I’m specifically thinking of Ravelry.com and how they used a donate button to move out of beta status and into the public realm). I think your readers would find it totally acceptable and welcome the chance to support this growing community.

    • lolo7835

      I concur! That way it can also be a steady stream of funds to help with planning other events/posts/paying staff, as opposed to just a one time thing.

  • ddayporter

    bahahahah ohmygoodnesskitten. also $2K kapow!

    but this is why the donate/support/subscribe option needs to stay open longer. I’m not sure the reasoning behind the this-week-only drive, I’m sure there’s a very good reason! but seems like there would be plenty of enthusiasm for a permanent “support this site” button, that could go along with an annual or semi-annual pledge drive. because I AM one of those people who will sit and watch or listen to a public tv/radio pledge drive and think, gosh I should do that. but I’m just not going to right now. I mean in THIS case, I donated just as soon as I got the amount ok’d by the hubs. But I agree there are probably lots o people hovering out there thinking hmm, maybe not right now though.

    I just can’t wait to see the launch of RW, and I would love for interns and columnists to get paid! Let us help year-round!

    • I’m SUPER excited for Reclaiming Wife to be it’s own little thing too!!

    • Aine

      I agree this should be a longer-term or permanent thing. I would LOVE to donate, but I literally have $200 in my bank account and no income, so I’m really hoping for a permanent donation button or something so I can give when I have the cash. APW has been such a force for keeping me sane and focused on life and growing when all the wedding stuff drives me crazy.

  • Erin

    I just donated!

    Even though my husband and I both work full-time and are barely paying our bills, I opted to make my lunch instead of eating out today, and donate $5 to A Practical Wedding.

    I did it because I realized today that, out of nowhere, I have become a creative, confident, strong person. I’m not sure when it happened, and when I stopped being afraid and submissive, but it happened. And it happened in part because of the wonderful, wonderful women on this website. Thanks to all of you, and here’s hoping my $5 helps fund something amazing!

    • meg

      Awwwwwwwwww….. and sniff. I really hope that lunch tasted extra delicious today, because we all think it should!

  • Julia

    I just donated! This is my first ever website/blog donation and I’m so pleased it’s going to you folks.

    I got engaged about three weeks ago, and stumbled across your site just this week. It was such a breath of fresh, feminist, conscious air. Only three weeks in, I was already starting to feel like my very poorly formed and inarticulate thoughts about doing something”different”, more meaningful, more respectful of my relationship, my traditions, my values and my family would be absolutely trampled by the garter toss and 8 bridesmaids in matching rose tulle.

    Anyway! I love the idea of a book club and I’m so sad I missed the last one. Is this something that will be planned regularly? Is there a place on the website I should visit to find out about local meetings or events like this?

    • ddayporter

      oh hi! congrats on your engagement. :) look up A Practical Wedding on facebook (there’s a link in the sidebar), and then go to Discussions and find your city. Meg plans the bookclub meet-ups, but lots of the groups get together for happy hours randomly, so check out your city’s discussion thread! if you don’t do facebook, I guess let us know in the comments where you live, and someone will probably chime in with how to get in on meet-ups. :)

    • meg

      Yup! Regular-ish. I suspect the next meetup will be in January. We’ll pick a book soon.

      • Amanda

        Dear Meg, I wrote you some emails. I am not sure if you do receive them, I am aware you can not reply to everything you get.
        (So thanks for starting this and for the community),
        Talking about the bookclub, I think it would be at least a nice touch the books by mexican author Angeles Mastretta, specially “Women with big eyes” and “Husbands” . It is short stories of women of all kinds, really funny, really serious about being a women in all kinds of situations, I think most of the stuff discussed here could apply and I think is something you would enjoy.

  • There probably isn’t any way to earmark my monies, but if I could I would earmark it for Lauren’s and Alyssa’s salaries, because we need to get these ladies paid! I believe in paying people fairly for the work they do. And while I love the idea of this site growing, I feel more strongly that Lauren and Alyssa deserve a salary that reflects how much hard work and dedication they put into this place.

    • meg

      Honestly, all the money will probably go to that. It’s my first priority for how to use community funds.

      • Alyssa

        You sure about that?

        I plan on spending mine on candy.

      • I had an inclination you felt the same.

    • Alyssa

      If I were a sappy wuss, this might have choked me up a little.

      But I’m TOTALLY not, so I TOTALLY wasn’t.

      Nope, not at all.

      • Rachel

        I AFFIRM YOU. It’s ok to be a sap :)

  • Aiyana

    That kitty looks so saaaaad. Poor kitty. I’m giving in the hope the kitty will become happy.

    And also because APW made me sane. And continues to help me realize that I’m not alone, I’m never alone, there are bazillions of other human beings going through life as best they can too. Thanks.

  • Benny

    $2k is supremely awesome. Further proof that these ladies can RALLY.

  • Oh hai! I donate so mouf kiss now pleez. Kthxbai!

    • meg

      Smooch (though really that is Lauren’s job. She must be busy.)

  • meg

    Y’all. The kitty seems to be working on everyone except David. David is terrified of the kitty. He says it’s a scary bad kitty.

    • I donated, but that kitty creeps me the hell out. I’m with David. (And I am a mildly-obsessed owner of an orange cat!)

      • I’m with the minority here . . . I love the kitties, but that one looks . . . something . . .

      • Alyssa

        I’m the one who wanted kitties and it scares me.

        It wants to eat my soul.

        • meg

          Lauren should have gone with your kitty in a straw hat. Maybe you should edit the post to add that one in. But maybe that kitty is hypnotizing people. It’s fully possible that Lauren knows something we don’t.

          • Alyssa

            We should save the kitty in a hat until Friday, as a reward for a job well done.

            “Thank you for lots of moneys. Here iz a kitteh.”

        • Liz

          i don’t understand this kitty bashing! he makes me melt into a puddle. i want to squish his squishy face.


          • how much more do you want to squish it? It’s already squishy.

            But, alas, he melts my heart too!

      • Aine

        I’m not sure why, but for some reason I associate that kind of cat with “evil genius, plotting your demise”. It looks sad, but I think its faking.

  • I didn’t need any more convincing to donate (considering all of the AMAZING opportunities that APW has given me) and Lauren had to go and show me that damn kitty!!

    I’d just like to add that I would also by a “Team Practical” magnet or any other APW swag that Alyssa has made if the money went as a donation!!

    • Alyssa

      Weeeeelllll….I maybe might have some left over. Maybe something like 25. And I maybe might send people a couple if you email me and pinky-swear you donated.


      • HOORAY!! Should I send it to your team pracitcal e-mail or do you have another preferred address??

        • Alyssa

          alyssa at apracticalwedding dot com will work!

  • Sara_B

    I’m donating because I totally think that this is like PBS (ah, Rick Steves, you are my friend) and I donate to PBS and NPR. Great, sane information from lots of different view points. Love it and I want to see it grow. :-)

  • Heather G.

    Even when NPR was giving away a bad-a** electric bicycle every hour for 8 hours, I could not bring myself to donate! And I WANTED that electric bicycle like you wouldn’t believe. (bad listener, very, very bad).

    But I did donate here. I think the button makes it super easy. And, really, what is $5 or $18?

    As for the kitty, I just think that it hasn’t come into his/her own yet. Poor thing!

  • Chelsea

    There’s something poetic about the fact that the discussion on bank accounts here helped Hugh and I to discuss and decide how we would work out our finances as a married couple, and now we have our financial house in enough order that I felt none of my normal “But can I reeeaaalllyyy spare $18?” qualms about donating. Even while we’re saving up to go on safari (!!!)

    • meg

      Yayyy! And my wish for you is that you love safari more than I did (I was bored as hell, but I think most people like it. I guess since I don’t like the zoo that was the tip off ;)

      I never donate to NPR drives either (so complicated, bad Meg, though I do donate to other stuff). But I donate to this American Life, because I listen to the podcasts, and they let me donate by paypal. So I give big chunks each time. In short, paypal FTW.

  • lolo7835

    APW is my go to wedding planning blog. Not for those crazy details about how to make my own paper with grass I grew in the backyard nonsense-but for wedding/marriage/life planning. It’s helped with my relationships with family, bridesmaids, the Mr, and most importantly-myself and my own relationship to this entire process. In the long term, XYZ dollars isn’t enough for APW has done not just for that one day, but for my marriage overall.

    That all being said, I get paid at the end of the week. The earmark for the donation is there and will be in as soon I actually have some money to give.

  • You might be able to convince me to donate even more money if you gave me a picture of a bunny. With the ears, and the nose and the cuteness. Yes bunnies will make APW even more money.

    • meg

      Good lord. Alyssa is in charge of Friday’s as per usual, but unusually, she’s not letting me read anything before it goes live. But somehow I’m sensing that she will now turn Friday into a baby animal fest.

      • Alyssa

        Hey, you were the one who gave me the keys to the car. It’s your fault if I wreck it….

        • meg

          Wreck it with bunnies.

  • Yip! Yip! For a dollar amount. Now I feel urgency. Now I feel a real goal in sight. Now Lauren can say, Hey Ladies, we’re only $1,200 away from $5000 and even though I already donated and even though the kitten gives me the willies and even though I accrued $300 last night on much cuter animal, I will give more. Cause who doesn’t want to see a goal reached?

    We’re gonna make this happen. I knows it!

  • Lily

    How is it possible that so many funny, kind and thoughtful people are in one place? Love how so many posts are followed by fabulous civil discourse, and so many other posts are followed by love and laughter…like everyone is best friends!

    I love reading this site every morning because its like my brain breakfast…I feel way more ready for the day.

    Also, congratulations on $2000!!!!

    • I totally read this every morning as well… while eating cereal and drinking coffee. It’s a must do! :)

  • this is an awesome comment thread :)

    and… i’m not even sure that thing is actually a cat…

  • Stéphanie

    Hi, I’m a recent reader from France, I have been reading the old posts AND comments for 3 days (if I continue without a pause, I think my hubby-to-be might call our engagement off… since I was the one to propose I wouldn’t like that !).
    I’m really happy that I found APW, I don’t recognise myself neither in “old” french weddings (not a french girl myself) nor in the “new ones”, copied from “perfects american weddings” that just don’t fit in my culture.
    Thanks to A Los Angeles Love, I found you, you already provoked positive change in my attitude (towards job mainly) and the perspectives of our wedding !

    But trully, why will I give money to this wonderful person that Meg is and this site ? Well because, the kitty got me, aaaaaw.
    (sorry for making a short story long)