A Reason To Be A Bachelorette

I wasn’t going to have a bachelorette party, because really, I’m just not a hard-partying penis cake eating kind of girl. At first, before the economy fell apart, we were considering having a girls getaway weekend up in wine country, but well, people flying in to San Francisco twice in one summer was just not feasible these days. So I gave it up and moved on. Goodness knows I have plenty on my plate.

And then. And then. This weekend, some of my San Francisco girlfriends threw me a surprise bachelorette. I’m still on a high from how amazing and loving it was, and I don’t want to shake the glitter off the day, but I will tell you this.

We went shooting. Clay Pigeons*. Shotguns. Best bachelorette party ever.
This is me, firing a gun for the first time,** with the adorable hipster western shirt that they gave me for the occasion. They also gave me a wad of cash, Lacy underwear, and single malt scotch, because, well obviously.

40 year old guys at the shooting range: Are you ladies here for a birthday?
Me: No, it’s my batchelorette, I’m getting married in three weeks.
Guys: Oh, god. What do you want to get married for? You’re to young to get married. How old are you?
Me: Twenty-nine.
Guys: Oh, never mind, you’re old enough to get married, you look much younger.
Me: Ha!
Guys: But seriously, what are you going to do after you get married? It’s boring.
Me: Shooting.Do I look like I’m up to no good? Because I totally am.

* CLAY pigeons. Not actual birds. Though I can’t say I harbor any pigeon love in my city dwelling heart.
**Though for the record, I used to be black powder certified, and I’ve fired cannons many many times.

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    2. Cute shirt
    3. You look happy. Yay!

  • This is the awesomest bachelorette EVER!!!!!!!

    You obviously have incredi-cool friends.

  • Can we get me a shirt like that? Also? HAWT, gun-toting MAMA.

  • What Mouse said.

    That's really, really fun. Really fun. Which, is what the bachelorette (and the wedding, and the marriage) is supposed to be like.

  • kirsten

    ah-maze-ing… what wicked friends you must have! you totally deserve it though!

  • Haha you have the BEST bachelorette smile ever in that picture!!

  • Aaaahhh! This is my favorite post! And yes – kudos to your friends for thinking outside the box!!! Excellent!!!

  • heart.

  • K



  • Meg

    I *might* have hinted around to my friends (back when I still thought we were doing a bachelorette party) that I wanted to go shooting. It was on my life list… I figure everyone should fire a gun at least once. Especially if it seems scary.

  • Hot damn. That is quite possibly the coolest bachelorette party that I've ever heard of. Oh, and you are adorable.

  • sam

    Best Idea Ever!

    You look adorable and kickass all at once :)

  • What an awesome idea! You must have some fantastic friends :)

  • uh! so awesome. I agree, everyone should fire a gun at least once. A friend took me to a firing range once in college, I shot a .42 handgun and got to keep the paper target (one shot hit the head, another in the groin, I hung it up in my dorm as a warning haha). It was terrifying and empowering and awesome. Now I want to shoot clay pigeons! what a great idea for a bachelorette.

    also what a cute picture!! we get to see your whole face! :)

    ps haha the word verification for this comment is "prowife"

  • Shooting beats out strippers and clubbing any day.

    And that smile is to-die-for.

  • That sounds like the best bachelorette party ever. I particularly love that your girls gave you lacy underwear *and* single-malt scotch – the combination of girly-girl and not-so-girly-girl is delightful.

    And I will agree with other commenters: yay for a happy, happy bachelorette!

  • So cool!

  • freaking RAD.

  • Sounds like a fabulous bachelorette party!

    I also was hesitant to have a bach party, but my girls and I rented a cottage at a cheesy state park resort, went hiking, swimming, and had a fabulous sleepover dance party. It was my perfect party and I'm so glad we used my getting married as an excuse to plan something like it.

  • looks like you had a fun party!

    and I'm with Cate, cute shirt.

  • Hello! Nice to meet your smiling face!
    Sounds like a great party :)

  • that is too funny, and gives me hope. I'm almost 29 and going to my first bachelorette party and not terribly looking forward to it. til now! maybe we're going shooting or doing something super fun like you did. i didn't have one myself, b/c well, no one knew we were getting married when we did!

  • Desaray

    Did you seriously just show us a picture of you!? I thought full frontal visage was verbotten!

  • LPC

    Hello Annie Oakley!

  • Haha…
    "Guys: Oh, god. What do you want to get married for? You're to young to get married. How old are you?
    Me: Twenty-nine.
    Guys: Oh, never mind, you're old enough to get married, you look much younger."

    this EXACT conversation took place at my bachelorette party, that was also this weekend.

  • Oh my lord, you are adorable.

    Also I showed the mister this post and he almost died of jealousy.

  • wow that sounds a very cool bachelorette party!! can i copy? :)

  • Meg

    Some people might tell you I'm always a little frighting. My acting teacher used to say that I was "small, but carried a big stick."


  • Whoa…I thought we weren't allowed to see Meg and David until the wedding pictures!
    When my friend got married last November, most of us were still in college (one of those real conservative ones that would expell us if we got caught drinking…not my ideology but a good school nonetheless). So we went to a friend's dorm apartment and had a huge dance party and played games. At the end of the night she said that it was really nice just to be reminded that she had a great group of friends who were there for her whenever.

  • Woah…I wasn't prepared for the full frontal. I was busy with my wild speculations about what I thought was a big reveal (seeing you from the side albeit with a shotgun)! It looks like you had a great time!

  • So awesome! What amazing friends and what a cute fun different idea. Love it!

  • Cate Subrosa

    So glad you had such a good time. And yeah, I want me one of them there shirts too.

  • This is well. GENIUS. Scotch, guns and plaid? Sign me up, baby.

  • Duuuddde!!!! You have an amazing group of friends!!! Let's hear it for friends who really, truly, entirely accept you for who you are and don't try to force some boring traditional sh*t down your throat. Best wishes to you…

  • lyn

    nice to see your smiling mug! i've long been a lurker, meg, but this post made me so happy for you that i had to say something.

    also, the fact that you pretty much summed up my ideal bachelorette party. yay for guns and single malt scotch!

  • April

    Meggy, get 'ur gun!!

    Awesomeness. Just totally awesome.

  • Your awesomeness knows no bounds!

    Also, keep that last pic handy, just in case the husband misbehaves. Just so you can show it to him.

  • Oh, you look so cute (and fierce)! (Sorry, it's the first time I see you, and over the past year I must the anticipation has built up!) Glad you had such a good time.

  • Peonies and Polaroids

    Meg, you're a little frightening with firearms.

    Cute, but frightening.

  • Meg

    Yeah, I figured the first time you guys saw me I should probably be holding a shotgun.

    We'll get to bouquets one of these days.

  • Best idea ever!
    I wish we'd thought of that, you are totally awesome!

  • One Love Photo

    Love that! I once had a cannon mishap at a wedding. I just love it when you type up your funny little dialogues from out there in the world. This one was priceless.

  • freaking. awesome. And let me tell you about no-love-in-heart-for-pigeons, I am right there with you: my husband laughed when we first met + I said we should kick em. Oh wait, cruel? Right right right…

  • hella. rad.

  • cool! the best parties are the surprise ones! :)

  • this is amazing! what an awesome bachelorette party… you have some super cool friends. not a phallic cake or decoration in sight!

    we are planning a wine tasting by bicycle bachelorette party next weekend.

  • How funny!! I love to go trap shooting myself. Sadly, my BMs are not the girls who would even THINK of doing something like this for a bachelorette party. :( Oh well. I'm not into the whole fake peenies glued to a horrid tiara and veil at a bar either.

  • This is amazing and sounds like so much fun. I'm glad you had such a great time. What great friends to plan such a surprise.

  • stumbled through your cool site! Wow i don't know how I'd feel about my wife to be learning how to shoot before the wedding day..lol. but great idea none the less!

  • Marisa-Andrea

    I LOVE it! Congrats again! I'm so sorry I won't be there.

  • omg you're officially the coolest person in the world. not chic, person.

  • Curranbound

    awesome! (I work as a gunsmith)

  • Beth

    I LOVE this. Simple as that.
    Now I’m dreaming of a bachelorette party with lots of wine and sillyness at my mountain cabin sans electricity. (Although maybe I’ll have a penis cake to match.)