Recent Practical Advice

From My Grandmother:

  • Choose a dress you can wear again – out dancing.
  • The good thing about a wedding is it happens no matter what occurs (including a blizzard, a car wreck, total photography failure, and severe allergic reactions, all of which happened at her wedding. And yes, she giggled while she told me about it.)
  • Buying expensive shoes might not be a bad idea if they are made well enough to be comfortable and you can wear them many more times.

From My Friends:

  • Just remember, it’s not a wedding if someone doesn’t cry (and not from joy during the ceremony).
  • Advice From A Bride: Don’t mix Valium and champagne for the wedding, even if you just broke your leg. Not good.
  • Advice From A Groom: Mixing Valium and champagne makes the whole thing much more pleasant.
  • When you look around and say “Didn’t we use to talk about things other than the wedding? What happened?” Then your ready to get married.
  • After the wedding, you’re over it. Whatever centerpiece you picked? Yeah. You’re not going to care.
  • For God’s sake, have fun.

Feel free to share the best practical wedding advice you’ve heard in the comments (and I’ll bet money that much of the most practical advice you’ve heard has come from your grandparents generation!)

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