Registry: Telling People About It

As part of our ongoing discussion of registries (see: Part I, Part II, Part III), several of you have asked me to share what language we ended up using when talking about our registry. And I figured – why not? First, let me say, that since my sense of etiquette is firmly set in 1933, I would have been more comfortable not ever mentioning to anyone ever that we were registered anywhere, so as to not look like we were asking for gifts. But, if I’ve learned anything about wedding planning, it’s that you should pick your battles, and the irony of the argument that it was more, achem, Practical to let guests know where we were registered was not lost on me.

So, here is what we said about gifts on our wedding website. It won’t be right for all of you, but if it helps just one of you, than I’ve done my job:

What we want most for our wedding is to have all of our far flung friends and family in the same room, and so, more than anything, we consider your presence to be our present. (We mean it!) That said, if you really would like to get us something tangible, here are some suggestions:

  • If you are one of our crafty loved ones, we’d love if you considered making us something
  • Like shiny toasters? So do we: Our Registry Link Here
  • And, finally, a gift that will make our day so much bigger than just us. For $45, you can give a gift of a goat in our honor, which will go to a special needs child in Uganda. This goat will give both status and nutrition to a child that is misunderstood by the society they live in. Best of all, you’ll get a picture of the goat and the child, not to mention our eternal gratitude. You can read about the project here, and if you choose to give, you can do so with the green donate button on the same page.

How did you tell people about your registry. If you wrote about it on your invitations or wedding website, what language did you use?

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