Remember It, Remember Every Moment

I just got this email from VERY newly married reader Cindy. And All I can say is: getting married better feel like this! It just better. The best part? You know how everyone tells you that you won’t remember your wedding day or your ceremony? Cindy did. I love that. You will be consumed by joy by the end of this post:

We were both so in the moment. So clear minded and happy. I remember every moment of it and don’t think I’ll ever forget. I felt loved and calm, yet excited, and spent the entire weekend just knowing this was right.

While our wedding was traditional in many elements, we worked hard to make it our own and it paid off. My mom and I argued about flowers all year and I eventually gave in BUT I wore a wrist corsage so I could have my flowers with me ALL NIGHT. It was simple and lovely and inexpensive and wonderful.

Things I loved:

  • Walking down the aisle to The Weakerthans – (Manifest). My dad had a mini freak out since it wasn’t a romantic song but then smiled at me and patted me on the arm. Best. Feeling. Ever.
  • Walking back down the aisle with my husband to Green Day – Pop Rocks and Coke, which solicited cheers from the crowd
  • Having bouncers instead of bridesmaids, basically a couple of friends manned the doors and one of my girls, from LA, wore leg warmers! I loved it! It was like 20 degrees that day. Perfect.
  • High fiving my bouncers on the way back out and shouting, “Yeah, Girlfrizzles!”
  • The impromptu receiving line that had me running around hugging everyone like a maniac
  • Our limo ride, which was a wonderful surprise gift from the best man
  • Deciding at the last minute we wanted to be introduced as we entered the reception room, choosing “Hot for Teacher,” and walking into the place like we were movie stars heading to the Emmy’s. It was flashbulb fantastic!
  • The cake. The cake. The cake. The cake. Oh my god, the cake.
  • The dancing. Just about everyone got out there and moved. It was awesome.
  • Despite choosing a dress without a train, my husband still managed to step on the edge of the dress and tear it. Two left feet on that guy. He said, “I’m just doomed, aren’t I?” I laughed and told him it’s just a freaking dress and it doesn’t matter, it’s coming off in a little while anyway. That seemed to cheer him up quite a bit.

Our winter, partly D-I-Y wedding rocked so hard and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Can I get a rousing cheer? Don’t you all just want to stand up and wave your arms around and dance? Because H*ll yes. H*ell freaking yes. (I love you guys!)

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  • It’s really great to hear from a recent bride that she remembers special moments from her wedding. I’m getting married in October, and couples always tell me that I’m not going to remember anything from the big day. Then I think to myself, “Why am I spending so much hard earned money on a wedding I won’t remember?”

    This post was encouraging to read.

  • Please post some photos! I want to look at the leg warmers, and at their happy happy faces.

    Thanks for the post. Lovely warm feelings.

  • Meg,

    We love you too! Thanks for you blog. It has totally helped to keep me sane! Well, as sane as any bride is going to be.

    Feel free to publicly link to our friends’ flickr albums, we don’t mind sharing ideas and inspiration!

  • I want to see more pictures too!

    For all the DIY and insanity details, I want to have this much fun and be that relaxed on the big SO BAD!! This post has been bookmarked for the bad days of planning.

    We’re having a WEDDING! and it’s gonna rock. and I’m in love. I am getting a high off the excitement.

  • HI Meg!
    I get a mail about the wedding of a girl named Katie Kirkpatrick, the pics are amazing!!! but the story its so touching! check it on you tube…;=related


  • love the dress/veil combo. Will there be more pics of this weddinng??

  • I also remember a lot from our wedding (9/08), and made a bulleted list like Cindy’s, of some of my favorite moments, a couple weeks after the event. I love going back to look at the list!

  • H*ll yes! Whoooooo!

  • my to do list just grew.

    1) i want a corsage. yes i do.
    2) must write out a bullet point list the day after the wedding.

    my heart is a-fluttering. thanks for this post meg.

  • I hear so often that the only way you’ll remember anything from your wedding is photographs. That the day zooms by so fast you barely have time to be in the moment, much less remember it. It’s great to hear that’s not always the case. I want to take our big day moment by moment and savor it all. Seems like an awful lot of planning to just blink and have it be over. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Huzzah!!! That sounds like a truly fabulous wedding.

  • Fantastic post from what sounds like an awesome wedding! I will join you in that h*ll yes!

  • April

    I am now grinning ear to ear after reading that sweet recap. What a great pick-me-up! I have heard from friends left, right and center that “the day is a blur”, and I can’t help but worry I might end up feeling the same way.

    It’s awesome to read about a couple that remembered every second of their celebration. High five!

  • i love this girl. i just do.

    had to kirtsy this one…

    {beautiful blog. well done.}

  • nc

    During our honeymoon, I sat down and wrote up a list of moments from our wedding that I wanted to remember always. I did it before I saw any photos, while the memories were still fresh. I just re-read it and remembered things I’d already forgotten, just 4 months later. I definitely recommend just jotting down some memories while it’s fresh, before your memories are shaped only by the photos.

  • this really just made my day to read. thank you for something so inspirational.


  • Aw, so lovely.

    You know what? Our wedding day didn’t pass in the blink of an eye and I remember every minute. If you’re truly relaxed and present, I don’t see why it would be any other way.