Remembering What It’s All About

So, as you all know, gay marriages were legally performed in California for the first time this week (hooray!) David and I went down to City Hall on the very first day to cheer the happy couples, and it is something I will remember forever. Watching couples who have been together for years finally get the legal right of marriage was such a important reminder of what all this wedding stuff is about. It’s not about our colors, or our favors, or the big party, or even about the beautiful dress. It’s about the privilege of pledging to share your life with someone.
We watched a young lesbian couple in full wedding dress do a celebratory waltz across the steps of city hall. We watched two dads hold up their marriage certificate as they balanced their sons on their hips. We watched two 70 year old woman walk with quiet dignity out of the doors. And we watched these two adorable men bounce out of city hall grinning from ear to ear.
This is what it’s all about. Sharing our lives with each other. Making a new family together. And on Tuesday night, David and I were shown how it was done.
The world is changing, and it’s such a honor and a privilege to be here as it does. Hooray for marriage!

Pictures via The New York Times, and SFGate

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  • Thanks for the great post! I’m an American that relocated to Canada because my partner (soon-to-be-wife) who lived in the U.S. over 10 years could not get permanent residency there. If we were a straight couple we could obtain this right through marriage as it’s a federal benefit. I really wish we were still in California to see this beautiful change for ourselves. Anyway, sorry for the long comment :)

  • yesss! and, to celebrate, here’s a little SF City Hall (or Santa Rosa City Hall – can’t diss my own town, right?) free wedding photography giveaway!:

  • Yea!!

  • I have mixed feelings about this…

    I am sooo happy for everyone in California, but what about all the other states???

    I really hope they will be right behind Cali, sometimes I’m shocked that in the 21st century not everyone has the right to the best day of their life.

  • Meg

    Agreed Laura. There is a long road ahead. But, I gotta say, it feels so awesome to be here right now!! :)

  • 2 down, 48 to go!

    Very sweet tribute, Meg. I know I will forever remember the couple waltzing as the Gay Men’s Chorus sang “Seasons of Love”. I am tearing thinking about it.

  • What a sweet post… I bet it was an amazing day :)

  • i think everyone should stop and think about the reasons for fighting for same-sex marriages . . . and make sure that those reasons are present in their own relationships! getting married is not about the wedding, but the life you want to lead together.

    hooray california for taking that step forward and letting everyone have a shot at their own special futures.

  • One Love Photo

    One state at a time! Am so happy for california. Exciting times!!!

  • Breck

    I’ve just been reading through your blog and I’m a big fan! The only thing not putting a smile on my face about it is the posts about the success of gay marriage in California, since at this point in time Prop 8 has been passed into the books and we’re back to fighting for marital equality… again. So sad to see that as a state we took one step forward and two steps back.