Reporting Live From Inside Of Wedding Weekend

It’s funny, wedding bloggers never seem to blog during wedding weekend. But one of the joys of getting married where you live (and there are many, but we’ll go into that later) is that I’m still sitting on my couch, with my laptop in my living room (at least for now).

So what is wedding weekend like so far? I would say that it feels like the toughest yoga class I’ve ever been to, but also the most rewarding one. Because here is the thing – when you get all of your friends and relations together in one place for an event that feels high stakes – people will get stressed out, things will not always go as expected, though wonderful things will happen to. That’s human, that’s normal. But most of the time, when stressful things happen, we can give in to being annoyed. We can let the crappy bits of life stand larger than the joyful bits. But for your wedding you can’t get thrown by little things. You have to pull yourself back to a core of calm that you’ve created for yourself, over and over again. You have to remember that a wedding is about love, and people stand still for love. You have to remember what wise wedding graduate Christina told me: “It is not your business what other people think of you.” Because it’s your wedding. You can’t leave a bit of you behind gnawing over that little thing that went wrong, or that weird comment someone made. You have to show up with all of yourself.

Or, in the words of an old Jewish prayer that leapt off the page for me today:

“The entire world is a very narrow bridge
And the essential thing is not to succumb to fear.”

So I’m here. And I’m breathing in the moments as they come.

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  • sarah

    ok. i am a silent reader of this blog until today. but i love it. and my mind if reeling and i can't sleep and this was the place i found myself drawn to.

    i got engaged today. !!!!!!!!!
    (it feels so bizarre to say this…my mind just can't compute)

    i am excited and scared and going out of my mind and i so look forward to going back and reading all these posts as I travel on the journey to my wedding day.

    So congratulations as you finish this chapter and move onto the next one – your wisdom will help me as I beging this exciting chapter in my life!

  • sarah

    aaaaaand i can't type. we'll blame the typos on the extra weight now found on my left hand.

  • good luck and congratulations for this weekend Meg :) bask in the love and savour every second. xx

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations Sarah.

    LOL I can't believe I even came here in hopes of a post during Wedding Weekend, yet here is a post from Meg.

    Now we expect a post when you're actually at the altar.


  • Great advice Meg, thank you. Have a wonderful wedding!

  • LPC

    Congratulations Sarah. And let me just say that "showing up with all of yourself" isn't a bad metaphor for marriage either.

  • congrats and good luck! please report again… can't wait, can't wait… so excited!

  • is this the most anticipated wedding of the blogosphere?

    i think it must be. not in a bad way, more like your wall of awesome mentioned the other day.

    best of luck. it's already sunday here in Oz which means it is already your wedding day!!!! (kinda…right?)

    enjoy. best of luck. and enjoy the love and party.

  • Meg

    Now we go into the REAL wedding weekend (Picnic, ceremony) so yeah, I doubt I'll be posting over the next 48 hours :)

  • You are absolutely, hands-down, competely and utterly cool. When it's my turn, I'm going to remember this post and channel that same energy. It's inspirational.

    Smiles, hugs, laughter, tears and merry memory-making now and forever.

  • Desaray

    Matrimony mind descends! Congratulations! Im so excited for you! If ever I've found myself wanting to be at a fly on the wall of a blogger wedding . . . I'm so looking forward to how you decide to reminisce about the wedding on the blog. You've been very "macro" with your observations here, always commenting on the big picture in grand, inspiring terms. Will the same perspective hold or will we get a minute-by-minute recap of the she-bang, the schmaltz, and the center? On the edge of my keyboard. My own Monday after the honeymoon approaches and I have no idea how it will come out!

  • SG

    Best of luck this weekend and congratulations. Can't wait for all the recaps!

  • Kirst

    I am so jacked for you both! This is the best part… you just friggin toss anything that hasn't been "done" and you just go with the flow. I will be thinking of you tomorrow Meg!

  • eliza

    I rarely comment but just wanted to say CONGRATS, Meg! I know your wedding weekend will be absolutely amazing–even if/when the little things don't go exactly as planned. Can't WAIT to read about it/see pics!

  • Let everyone else stress out- you two just enjoy yourselves and each other. Lots of love to you both, can't wait to hear about it!

  • Anonymous

    Ahhh…this post was a breath of fresh air. With our wedding just under three months away, my largest worry is not food, flowers, dresses, etc., but who/what is going to totally annoy me in the stress of the weekend, and how our respective families will interact. Thanks for a great reminder!

  • Go get 'em, tiger! Thanks for sharing the advice.

  • Congrats! Enjoy every single moment because it will fly by so quickly.

  • meg meg meg meg meg [david] meg meg meg meg david meg meg meg david meg meg david meg david yaaaaaay!

  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  • April

    I'm surprised and not surprised to see a post from you, Meg! ;)

    Have a beautiful wedding weekend, dearest!!

  • Happy wedding weekend Meg!!

  • Meg

    Oh, dear, no recaps indeed Desaray, they bore me to tears. But there will be pictures.

    Breathing. And onward we go.

  • incredible post. love this! thanks so much for the insight. im preparing myself now for having to pull myself together again and again on the day in preparation for the fact that things will go wrong in some way or another :)

  • incredible post. love this! thanks so much for the insight. im preparing myself now for having to pull myself together again and again on the day in preparation for the fact that things will go wrong in some way or another :)

  • amy

    You are so eloquent & spot on! It's great to "hear" your thoughts on the craziness (brides-to-be: seriously, please listen & take heed); Meg, we can't wait to see it! Congrats!!!

  • megan

    my fist post on your site! congratulations on your new marriage and thanks for the advice!

    so far i've been doing well with the non-stress thing, but who knows how crazy the actual wedding day will be? no matter how much planning goes into it, nothing ever goes perfectly. i'm telling myself from the get-go to laugh it all off and take it in stride.

    oh, and congratulations sarah! this site, and sara's over at is all you need to keep yourself sane and away from the condemning eye of the wedding industrial complex! :)

  • Hannah

    Congratulations!!! and that quote is my new favourite thing. I kind of want to repeat it to myself while I skip down the street. Except mantras are bad for your mental health… but still.