Rich Is In, Poor is Out Out Out!

In case you haven’t seen The Knot’s article on Hot Wedding Trends For 2008, let me sum it up for you: buy at least two of EVERYTHING. I kid. I know you need more details, so here it is:

  1. One wedding dress is not enough. Buy two. Ideally buy one princess dress and one mini dress. Everyone loves a bride in a miniskirt! Also, make sure you hire a hair and makeup person for the whole day, so they can change your hair style and your makeup between the ceremony and the reception. Remember! This is a show! Your guests expect full costume changes, and probably backup dancers. Hire backup dancers.
  2. Grey is the new brown which was the new black. Hence grey is the new black. Chocolate brown for weddings is out out out. Grey is in! It’s so festive and upbeat! Make sure all your bridesmaids wear grey no matter when or where your wedding is. Make them like it.
  3. White is in. Not just your dress, but the whole reception should be white. Well, if it’s not grey. Grey and white! Remember that. Colors are so 2007.
  4. Lux is in! Over the top is in! Poor is out out out. Your centerpieces should be like nothing we’ve seen since Marie Antoinette. Feathers! Glitter! Live birds! Showstopping! Remember, Marie Antoinette may have been a spoiled selfish monster, but she knew how to party. And she ended so well, right? Plus, I’m pretty sure she loved cake!
  5. Serve every kind of food you can think of. Each kind at a different food station. I know before we told you that buying two of everything was in, but that was a joke. Ha. Just buy every kind of food you can get your hands on. Ideally, have a professional sommelier to go with each food station. And at least 5 different kinds of wine per cuisine. Oh, and champagne. Also five kinds of champagne. Actually have a wine cellar.
  6. Vintage is in! But not poor people vintage, Gilded Age vintage! Ideally, try to get a ring worn by a actual Rockefeller, but if you can’t do that, go with a Guggenheim. Did we mention that over the top was in? It is.
  7. Make your guests vote on everything. Have polls. Run focus groups. For gods sake, don’t pick things because you like it, pick things because other people like it. Also: make sure you have a wedding blog.

Well, thank goodness. One down. Or is that two? Do I need two wedding blogs? Ahhhhhh…..

Picture: The Knot’s idea of “vintage.”

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