Ring Pillow Alternatives

Devon has been posting about her vibrant wedding over at In This Instance, and this detail made my heart sing. They tied their rings to a brick that was originally part of their house.

Solid, practical, home.

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  • Oh, I just love that! I’m trying to convince Baddie we should have Coming Home by The 88 as our recessional (well, we have no aisle so it’ll be more ‘the song playing when they open the doors’ but you get the idea):

    Won’t you bring light to my day
    Won’t you be somebody new
    It’ll be good
    It’ll be like coming home…

  • That is cute, though I wouldn’t want a toddler carrying that or it’s gonna wind up on someone’s toes.

  • What a clever idea! It looks beautiful, too.

    My partner’s grandmother gave us the hat she wore during her wedding 54 years ago. At first I was like, “Um, what are we going to do with this?” Then it occurred to us that we could honor her contribution by turning it into a ring pillow. If you’re interested, you can see the picture here: http://2000dollarwedding.com/search/label/Ring%20Pillow

  • That’s great!

    So, if one doesn’t have a ringbearer, does one need a ring pillow/box/brick?

    If one has a ring pillow/box/brick but no ring bearer, who carries it? Where does it go?

    I think we’ll just have our best man carry the rings in his pocket? Is that dangerous? Haha, I’m clueless on this one.