Rooftop LA Wedding

One Wedding, Two Parties

Kirstin, Actor/Writer/Theatre Professor at USC & Jeff, Practical and Creature Effects Artist

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Meaningful and happy, easy and relaxed, sentimental and unique, urban and homey, elegant and tacky—two parties, one wedding!

Soundtrack for reading: “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” by The Darkness


Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Our officiant/judge also made my dress. Do you think that is a first in the history of weddings? We played the Defending Your Life score as people were arriving—the movie mentioned in Kirstin’s online profile that compelled Jeff to write her in the first place. Our parents each gave a blessing-speech as part of our ceremony. Jeff’s brother Brendon played an incredible instrumental of “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen for the processional. Even though it was a relatively simple wedding, I can’t believe how much there was to do! So many of our friends and family came over and were so incredibly generous—hanging lights, running errands, covering the Porta-Potty with Kraft paper… and we are so touched by that. Kirstin’s mom made a bazillion Mexican Wedding Cookies.

We covered our ugly yard wall with canvas drop cloths painted with oops paint, and our ugly dirt ground with cheapo colorful AstroTurf, all at Jeff’s sister Amy’s awesome suggestion. We put up a wall of oddities and cool art that Jeff has made for the festiveness/photo op of it all. We decided right before the wedding to build a patio in the backyard. It. Was. Kookoo. And I lost it a couple times. “WHAT ARE WE DOING?!?!” while sitting in a big pile of dirt. It would have been the weirdest episode of Bridezillas ever. So now we have a patio. And we ran out of time to cross “Buy new underwear” and “Buy/make fancy dog collar” off the to-do list. Oh well.

Favorite Thing About the Wedding 

Kirstin says: Jeff’s vows. Ho-lee sh*t. If ever I need a good joyful cry, I’ll just transport back to that moment in time.

Jeff says: Oh, I liked marrying you.


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