Roundup: Tomboy Bride Style From East Side Bride

#bridesinpants goes high fashion

There are times when you need to turn to your high-fashion friends for inspiration, and for #bridesinpants, we figured we’d start there. Today East Side Bride is bringing her super-cool taste to the table. While her outfits make you work for it, take her recommendations seriously. She shopped shoes for me for my wedding, and I’m still kicking myself over not buying one of the pairs. So consider this the first in our Tomboy Brides series: the edgy version. (Side note: I found it fascinating that at first glance I thought these picks were expensive, and on second glance realized that I wouldn’t blink if the same prices were applied to a wedding dress. Unpack that.) In the meantime, I’ll be over in the corner buying the whole Tomboy Bridesmaids outfit. Or at least those shoes, which are clearly a must-own. —Meg

Tomboy Brides | A Practical Wedding

By East Side Bride

I have never been a tomboy, and would never describe myself as one, but… I love pants. I’m just more comfortable in pants. Isn’t everyone more comfortable in pants? (You don’t have to answer that.)

Anyhoo. There’s a great menswear-inspired moment happening in women’s fashion right now, so if you’re a pants-loving bride, I say jump on it!

Tomboy Brides | A Practical Wedding

SUIT UP 1. Band of Outsiders Crepe Tuxedo Jacket ($595) 2. Band of Outsiders Crepe Tuxedo Pants ($340) 3. Kieley Kimmel Halogen Top  ($370) 4. Loeffler Randall Reese Kitten Heel Booties ($395)

Tomboy Brides | A Practical Wedding

SLOUCH IT 1. Nomia Sleeveless Shirt in Semi-Sheer Mint  ($115) or 2. Nomia Sleeveless Shirt in Nude ($240) 3. Nomia Slouch Pleated Pants ($360) (model shown wearing Dieppa Restrepo Gaston Loafers, $300) 4. Dieppa Restrepo Oxfords in Rose Gold ($254)Tomboy Brides | A Practical Wedding

A SKIRT CAN BE TOMBOY 1. Acne Studios Sheena Tuxedo Collar Shirt ($320) 2. Alexander Wang Front Tucked Skirt Pant ($1,100) 3. Repetto Tobias Oxfords ($495)

Tomboy Brides | A Practical Wedding

KEEP IT BREEZY 1. Raelyn Romper from Houghton (by appointment only) 2. Rag & Bone Gina Top ($275) 3. Acne Wide Leg Pants ($210) 4. Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals in Antique Lace ($89.95)

BONUS: FOR THE TOMBOY BRIDESMAID 1. Rachel Comey Sal Jumpsuit ($483) 2. Zara Basic High Heel with Ankle Strap ($59.90)

To Photo: Selena Romper in Sequin, Lace and Silk by Houghton Bride | Photo by Alexander Wagner


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  • omg. right now I am so wishing I had a real tomboy bridesmaid….this is awesome!!

    • Meg Keene

      Everyone is now out hiring tomboy bridesmaids.

      That outfit, man. It KILLS me. I want someone to wear it for their wedding.

      • Laura

        I have a tomboy bridesmaid. So excited for this.

  • I have to say, that tomboy skirt is kind of amazing. If I just saw it in a store I’d probably be all “ewww, what the hell is that thing,” but in this context I think it’s just genius.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      The tomboy skirt is my favorite too. It’s like a black-tie skort for grownups.

  • Emilie

    I wanna be a tomboy bridesmaid soooooo bad.

  • Anna

    I really dislike the use of tomboy here but particularly on the “tomboy bridesmaid” post. We don’t need a special term for little girls wearing shorts. It is just a way of being a girl.

    • Anna

      Not clear – I meant the tomboy flower girl post!

      • eastsidebride

        I’m with you, Anna.

    • Meg Keene

      Well, agreed. I mean, agreed on the concept, that little girls in shorts shouldn’t be remarkable, and we should live in a world where we don’t have to point out —> Hey! Little girls in your wedding can wear pants. <— Like that's some kind of news. That said, actually I kind of DO like the word Tomboy. In a writerly way, I just think it's an awesome word, but more than that, it speaks to a particular kind of identity, which is not the same as women who might rock a glammy pantsuit, for example. It's a whole different thing, and a really awesome thing in my book. I like having words to talk about things in nuance. I'm not "just a girl" because I like mascara and shiny dresses, I'm a really femme girl. Etc. Etc.

      That said, totally get where you're coming from, which is sort of the point of the brides in pants project for me. And totally get what you're saying on the word, though I don't happen to agree.

  • Kate

    I like the reference to high fashion friends, because I feel like that’s what this looks like, like they all could’ve been out of the same wardrobe (of someone with killer taste, obviously). I personally prefer the APW staff round-ups because there’s more of a diversity of tastes and styles.

    • Meg Keene

      Well, we wouldn’t have diversity if we didn’t have our high fashion friends stop by too. They’re the ones I learn from.

  • Emily C

    Those oxfords are amazing… good thing they don’t come in my size. Love all the pants ESB!

  • Laura

    I know you recently posted about flower girls in pants (effing awesome), and are collecting brides in pants (can’t wait to see more). But I’d love to see more bridesmaids in pants options. The google image search “bridesmaids in pants” results pages are filled with lady bridesmaids who are either NOT in pants or are airbrushed models sporting ridiculous outfits (see attached photo, wtf?). I want to see real females. Wearing pants while standing next to the bride/groom/brides/grooms (who may or may not being wearing pants also). APW has paved the way for flower girls and is paving it for brides. However, the recovering-from-9-bridesmaid-experiences voice inside me is crying: “FREE THE BRIDESMAIDS!”

    • Laura

      Also, I forgot to comment on this post itself. Love these options! Thanks for sharing. :)

    • Meg Keene

      On it. Well. It might take time to collect pictures of real bridesmaids wearing pants, but we’ll try, and we’ll start with inspiration, mmmkay?


        • Maddie Eisenhart


          • Hey! The reply button came back today! The pants and blazer are Uniqlo, FYI.

        • Laura

          THIS. Thank you! Yesyesyes. This is what I mean. My inner bridesmaid thanks you.

        • Meg Keene

          OBVIOUSLY this is making a roundup.

      • Laura

        Yes, it could take a while. One because the APW crew has a *couple* things to work on right now, and two, because the content seems difficult to find. I have faith in the APW community though.

    • jamie

      ESB i want the slouchey pants for PHOTOGRAPHING weddings in. find them at half off for me? thx.

  • Fiona

    Hi APW ! I confess that I’m a girly-girl with very feminist ideals. My sporty, lesbian sister and hipster free-loving sister roll their eyes at my outfit choices on a regular basis, but I love a me a stylish, frilly, matchy-matchy, embellished ensemble any day. That is often manifested in a sexy pair of pants.

    My fiance and I are working through the maze of a process that is getting a visa to the US from a Third World country that has disenfranchised and denationalized him (wow that’s incredibly depressing when written down), we continue to plan our wedding and are optimistic about the future (that’s better!). Knowing that city hall was on the horizon for us, I began creating an planning a *fabulous* city hall outfit to get hitched in. I come to read APW for guidance and support quite often during this process, but I positively squeed when I saw the tumblr had gone up about #bridesinpants.

    Within a couple days, I’d ordered a pair of bangin’ white dress pants and a matching blouse to go with it. Thank you for providing the oomph I needed to go through with it! …and somehow, the “permission” to do so. Unpack that!

    • Meg Keene

      WHAT! Ok. I’m posting this on the tumblr, but do you want to email us your inspiration pictures, or what you bought or something? team at apracticalwedding dot com.

    • Fiona

      Ohmygoodness yes of course! The photos will be on their way!

  • Kate Haywood-WeddingPhotoSwap

    There are some lovely outfits here. I think this style would make the wedding a little more edgy? LOVE the jumpsuit – classy and original. Great idea for a blog post! I’m thinking maybe black jumpsuit, white stilettos though to mix it up a bit?

  • Sarah hoppes

    I can’t figure out how to reply to the thread on a laptop or a phone, but the bridesmaid in pants is wearing Uni qlo