Brigid & Ximena’s Church & Croquet Wedding

* Brigid, Law (JD) and Divinity (MAR) Student & Ximena, Art History PhD Student * Photographer: Kelly Prizel * Soundtrack for Reading: “She Is” by Sufjan Stevens or “Sea of Love” by Cat Power *

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A friend early on declared it a “crisp crafty lovely vintage lady wedding.”

The Info—Photographer: Kelly Prizel PhotographyVenue: Christ Church New Haven / Croquet Venue: Edgerton ParkWedding Dresses: Vintage, purchased on Etsy / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Handmade by Louise Hedley of Soho Mode / Bouquets: Handmade by Ximena and available for sale on Etsy (along with Brigid’s dress) at CrispVintageLovely

Other cool stuff we should know about: We’re both fairly religious and members of the church, so it meant a lot to us to have the church ceremony be the focus of the day. We separated the legal ceremony to a brief gathering of the family and attendants shortly before the church ceremony, which lasted over an hour. The ceremony was a special one developed by this parish from a period when blessing same-sex unions was permitted in the Episcopal Church but before the national church had set up a standard rite to be used. We won out in having one that was poetic and strongly rooted in tradition, while being something fresh and fitting to our situation. Because the ceremony was so important to us, our reception was pretty understated—but this led to some of our favorite unique parts of the celebration! We decided to use the church’s parish lounge, which ordinarily looks a bit outdated but ended up fitting in with our mid-century aesthetic really well. To make it special, though, one of the bridesmaids created a kind of “domestic art space” making tent-like areas and backdrops with vintage fabrics. It transformed the space, made it more cozy, and provided great backgrounds for photos with guests. In one of the “tent” areas, we set up lots of yarn for people to knit a square for us—Ximena is an avid knitter. We weren’t sure how many people would take to it, but by the end of the reception, Ximena had a huge circle going. After we drove off on Brigid’s scooter, we had arranged to meet anyone who was still around for croquet at a nearby park (after time for lunch and a little rest). A ton of the guests came out and it was amazing, sort of like a second reception!

Favorite thing about the wedding: Overall, that it was entirely authentic to us as a couple. We didn’t do anything just because we were “supposed” to, and everything had a personal importance—so seeing our favorite people supporting and enjoying what we had to offer was amazing. If there had to be one quintessential moment for the celebration, I think it would be all our guests seeing us off on our getaway scooter.

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  • I love the smiles, they look so so happy!



  • Your dresses are gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

  • Catherine

    Um wowww I LOVE the clothes in this wedding!! Everyone’s! The bridesmaides’…the brides’…wow I love the feel and color and light in this wedding . Absolutely perfect. Wow sooo my style!

  • Getaway scooter! Adorable. And if there’s one thing better in this world than apple cider donuts, I don’t know what it is. Love, I guess, but apple cider donuts are a close second.

  • AM

    I think those teal flats are the same ones I’ll be wearing at my wedding — love :)

  • Emmy

    This wedding looks gorgeous! I love the dresses. The croquet looks fun too! I think it is wonderful that you were both able to have a blessing in your place of worship. My fiance and I are planning on that too after we have a civil ceremony.
    Also, apple cider donuts?OMGTHEYSOUNDAMAZING. Nom Nom.

  • kyley

    All the smiles!!! This is one of my favorite weddings to be posted on APW ever because of those smiles.

    Mad congrats to you two.

    • Absolutely- those grins in almost every picture! Mazel Tov, ladies!

  • It’s true. This IS the cutest wedding of all time. Holy wow. Stunning.

  • Denzi

    Oh man, I want to be friends. Queer Episcopalians who tweak liturgy and like Sufjan Stevens and Cat Power FOR THE WIN! :D

  • Oh my gosh, the smiles! So happy! These pictures make me wish I were friends with everyone involved. What an awesome, joyful wedding.

  • OMG…the scooter…the dresses…the pretty pink sweaters!! STAHP. I CAN’T. This is amazing.

    Also, I love when a wedding makes me want to be friends with the couple.

  • They are so adorable!

  • Everything about this wedding is unbelievably cute!!!!

  • I loved Kelly’s original blog post about this wedding and I love this wedding! Congrats!

  • Caroline

    You both look so lovely and happy. Can you talk a little about having the legal ceremony separate but on the same day. We are considering that, but one officiant we talked to (for the religious ceremony) said she was worried about balancing them. Did one overwhelm the other? Did one detract from the other? Or did it work well? Did you do it right before or a lot before?

    • Hi, I’m doing the same thing at our wedding. But we are having the legal bit be very short and sweet with only our parents and siblings present. No changing of rings. Just one poem and the legal words.
      Then the religious ceremony in the afternoon is all the bells and whistles and hymns and songs and poems, readings and music.

      We are doing legal at 11, then lunch with our families, then big thing at 2.30.

      Obviously we havent done it yet! But I think it will work as we are treating them as very seperate events. Telling the Government about our committment, telling God about our love.

      • Caroline

        Hi Ruth,
        What you are doing sounds perfect. We were wanting to separate the legal aspect and the ceremony for political-ish reasons (not wanting a clergy person to sign the legal marriage certificate, because we think religious and state marriage should be more separate.) However, our thought was to do it with everyone, right before, which I could now see being awkward. (Or fabulous.) The idea was to take 5 minutes or something, do the legal ceremony, sign the legal marriage license then proceed to the religious ceremony.

        • Brigid

          I think that if your set-up in the church and how the ceremony works wouldn’t have anything ~interrupted~ by a short legal ceremony. I can only see that being awkward if it would disrupt the flow from the procession into the religious ceremony.

          (Actually, I forgot the marriage license that day, so it would have been far more mortifying to realize that in front of ALL my guests rather than my family and party! But as long as you don’t do that, it should be fine.)

        • We had the legal civil ceremony right in the middle of the religious ceremony. The religious part was led by my female pastor friend and the civil part was led by my husband’s brother. She handed it over to him for that part, then he handed it back to her after we signed the paperwork (during a song). It went pretty smoothly in our case, but we also weren’t trying to separate because of our beliefs. It was just that my pastor friend was not legally allowed to marry us (in another country) so we needed someone legal to marry us to do the legal (and civil) part. :)

    • Brigid

      Hi Caroline!

      We had the civil ceremony right before the religious – we did them after our family photos (which were all beforehand), so it was just the family and attendants in the courtyard of the church. It was definitely short and sweet and took maybe 10 minutes max — a few words from the Justice of the Peace and two short affirmations and a pronouncement. Like I said, we didn’t really want anything detracting from the liturgy but it meant a lot to me to have it separate and with our close friends/family (rather than aside in a room afterwards, which is what I have heard other people do). We actually felt weird about them being separate at first, but it’s the norm in a lot of countries — my wife’s parents in Peru were legally married one day and had their church ceremony the next. I don’t think it has to detract from the religious ceremony at all as long as you aren’t just phoning in that part.

  • pixie_moxie

    All I have to say is congrats and LOVE your dresses!

  • Megan Reynolds

    I want all the clothes. ALL. THE. CLOTHES.

    And all the donuts.

  • I’ve never seen an APW wedding that I didn’t think was amazing … but this may be my favourite ever. So beautiful, and it looks like it was full of so much fun and love.

  • I think everyone’s already said this but I feel I need to say it anyways (It’s either here or in my office and I think my co-workers will think I’m crazy if I start talking to my cubicle wall) These dresses are the most gorgeous things! And apple cider donuts sound delicious! And knitting! That’s such a cute idea! (I might be stealing the knitting square idea actually. I can’t imagine having all those squares to remember the people and day for the rest of your lives).

    But my favorite things are the smiles. I hope you are forever blessed with that happiness for the rest of your lives together. Congrats!

    • A Single Sarah for certain values of single

      The knitting is AMAZING idea! I loved the photos that included the knitting even more when I realized you’d planned it. (I’m a person who might knit in social settings where it wasn’t planned. I don’t think I’ve pulled out a project at a wedding reception yet though….)

  • Hannah

    What a beautiful wedding! And it makes me so hopeful to see two lovely ladies being wedded in such a gorgeous church. (I am part of an Episcopal church that has not marked that milestone yet, but we have a supportive bishop and rector so it’s something I hope will happen soon.)

  • ElisabethJoanne

    Since everyone’s obsessing over the clothes. I’ll join the Anglican pretty party:

    A cope! A beautiful cope!

    • Brigid


  • So amazing. I got such a warm fuzzy feeling from looking at these pictures and listening to the Sufjan Track.

  • Melissa

    A Connecticut wedding! With cute dresses! And cute shoes! And cute brides! And the best donuts ever! So much wonderful cute!

  • Love! Such a bright, happy wedding. & thumbs up for serving apple cider donuts :-)

  • Class of 1980

    This is as cute as a basketful of kittens. ;)

    Excuse me, but now I need to go to the orchard that sells Apple-Cider Donuts!

  • CarbonGirl

    The Cutest Couple Ever featured on APW!!!

    I also love the knitted bouquets!

  • My gosh. Every photo is just so full of joy. <3

  • sandyliz

    Absolutely incredibly cute and happy and amazing. Also, best sum-up evah!

  • This made me really want an apple cider donut. They look delicious.

  • Megan

    Absolutely lovely! Picture perfect brides/clothes/locations … so much celebrating!

    We’re also a two-bride couple getting married in an Episcopal church with a very customized service. So glad to be part of a parish that is on board with creating a ceremony that is meaningful to us.

    I’m also glad to hear that your “understated” reception worked for you – we’re hosting a “coffee reception” in the parish hall after the ceremony for about an hour, and are having last-minute doubts about whether it will feel complete to us and our guests … this was great encouragement!