Julia & Ballard’s Rainy & Rustic Wedding

* Julia, Teach for America & Ballard, Graduate Student, NYU Silver School of Social Work * Photographer: Jonas Seaman * Soundtrack for reading: “Raining at Sunset” by Chris Thile *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: A rustic and laid-back day, filled with lots of love and celebration.

The Info—Photography: Jonas Seaman / Venue: Roeliff-Jansen Park / Catering: Carlucci Simons CateringCake: Made by the caterer using family recipes from each of the couple’s great-grandmothers / Officiant: Winnie Varghese of St. Mark’s in the Bowery Episcopal Church / Band: The Marty Jimmons Bluegrass Band / Invitations: Hand made by the couple using stamps from Antiquaria Designs / Flowers: Marilyn Cederoth of Cedar FarmDJ: Giovanni di Mola / Ballard’s Dress: BHLDN / Julia’s Dress: Zara / Rings: Lisa Linhardt of Linhardt Design

Other cool stuff we should know about: We’ve lived in NYC for the past few years and always loved the idea of bringing our family and friends to our home to celebrate our wedding. When marriage became legal for all couples in New York State the day after we were engaged, it felt even more perfect. Hillsdale has always been one of our favorite places to visit outside of the city, and it has the vibe of a laid-back place out in the country. Since we’re both from the South, we loved the idea of being married in a very laid-back and relaxed setting.

We spent the year before our wedding living in Costa Rica, as Julia had been awarded a Fulbright fellowship. So all of our planning was done from afar, with help from friends who lived in the New York area. We couldn’t have managed any of this without our amazing families and friends, especially when a major storm hit the day of the wedding! Everything was supposed to be outside, and our friends pulled together and got the entire barn ready on the day of the wedding, for the most beautiful “Plan B” ever.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Being with all of our favorite people in such a beautiful place made for the most wonderful day of our lives…but the best part of it all was getting to marry each other.

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  • Catherine

    The last picture. Wowww. This is all beautiful! Can’t wait for every state to have marriage equality. What a beautiful wedding! Congrats :)

  • What a beautiful wedding!

  • Another Meg

    Oh and now I’m crying. Welp. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations.

  • Such a gorgeous couple and wedding. The joy and love radiates from these pictures. Congratulations on your marriage. I wish you many many happy forevers.

  • Meg

    Looks like a lovely day! You can see the joy in everyone’s expressions. Some of the best weddings I’ve been to occurred with a “Plan B” scenario — including a friend whose big day coincided with a hurricane’s landfall! Makes for an even more unforgettable day.

    • One More Sara

      My sis also had a hurricane wedding (Hannah)! Word to the wise: if you are having a beach wedding, it’s best to make a Plan B before the hurricane shows up on the 10-day forecast. It worked out beautifully for my sister, but there was literally no rain plan until Hannah showed up (uninvited. rude!)

  • KATE

    You two both look beautiful, and this looks like it was a really fun wedding! Hula hoops? Awesome. Also, I’m not sure who’s who, but the bride with the dark hair–you look just like the woman on The Mentalist!

  • This. is. so. beautiful. This has been one of my favorite wordless weddings, and love the soundtrack, too! The dusky sun shots juxtaposed with the rain are absolutely amazing. LOVE IT!

  • DKTX

    Absolutely beautiful wedding.

    I loved your chevrons dress so much I went out found it online–it’s on sale, y’all. I so wish I was planning a wedding right now. Some luck APW brides should snatch these up:

  • I’m a professional wedding photographer. I still cry at weddings. These photos brought me to tears. I can’t wait for the day to photograph a same sex marriage. Best wishes to you both!

    • Karen

      You can photograph one now, it just won’t be legally recognized. Advertise in gay friendly websites or directories. Set up a booth at Pride festivals. Examine the wording on your website to make sure you are welcoming to same-sex couples. There are steps you can take now to be ready for a SSM couple to want to work with you. Go for it!

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  • Denzi

    I cried. You are both so happy and gorgeous, I can see that you’re even smiling when you’re KISSING, which is crazy wonderful. Also, whoever is wearing the dress, you have AWESOME EARRINGS. Achem.

  • Oh, I love it. The pictures are so stunning! There is so much joy there. Congratulations, to both of you. :)

  • Jenna

    Just looking back at some of the “rustic” weddings on here and dreaming about mine in October. This was just gorgeous and looks so love-filled! And did I spot Elizabeth and K in one of the photos?