Vanessa & Rachel

DIY garden wedding

* Vanessa, Sixth Grade Teacher & Rachel, Insurance Claims Rep * Photographer: Still Music: Wedding Photography * Soundtrack for Listening: “Same Love” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert*

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: A DIY wedding filled with love, laughter, and tasty food, pieced together by a lot of hot glue, twine, and spray paint.

The Info—Photographer: Still Music: Wedding Photography / Location: San Diego, California / Venue: San Diego Botanic GardenWedding Dresses: David’s Bridal

Other cool stuff we should know about: Our wedding left us feeling like we are the luckiest people in the world. We feel so lucky to have found each other and to have been able to celebrate our love in front of our friends and family. We were lucky to get engaged and then win tickets on the Ellen Show for an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica that we could use for our honeymoon. We were luckier to pick a date and plan our entire wedding, with the added bonus of finding out our marriage would be legally recognized only a few days before the wedding. We were lucky to have such incredible photographers that made us feel completely comfortable and gave us such beautiful pictures. Most of all, we are beyond lucky to have so many friends and family who not only stood beside us on our wedding day, but collected tin cans and wine bottles, cut burlap, and hot glued their fingers to help us to pull it all together.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Having all of our friends and family who support us in one place to celebrate our love!

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  • I love how awesomely coordinated the two dresses are, and yet still so individually beautiful and awesome! I would totally dye the short one and wear it over and over and over!

  • Breck

    The photo of you guys holding up your marriage license is beyond adorable. Congrats!!

  • Karen

    I must know: where did you get those cake toppers?!

    • Crystal

      Vanessa’s SIL here :) My sister made them as a gift! She’s super crafty.

  • Melissa

    I can’t recall a Wordless Wedding that made me smile so much! Congrats!

  • Corrie

    I love all these pictures! And your happiness! I started to get a little teary eyed listening to the song and scrolling through – it made me think of two of my best girlfriends who are getting married this coming weekend and how excited I am to be a part of their wedding. Congrats to you (and yay for the marriage license)!!!

  • Kirstin

    I smiled more with every single picture!

    I have to know – where is the gorgeous flower statement necklace from!? I love it!

    • Vanessa

      I bought the necklace at “Francesca’s” at the mall in San Diego. :)

  • Kelly

    Absolutely beautiful. I usually skim Wordless Weddings (at best) but found myself scrolling back up to look again.

    Any chance you know where the beautiful white heels (with the short dress) are from?

    • Rachel

      Thanks Kelly! The shoes were another DIY project… We found them on clearance, ordered the flowers online, and did some cutting and hot gluing to put it all together :)

  • LifeSheWrote

    This is so beautiful. Congrats on the wedding and the bona fide marriage license to boot! And I love your bouquets!

  • So much beauty here. So much love and joy.

  • Ashley

    SO pretty. And yes, so lucky! Congratulations!

  • sallie.beth

    I wish there was a like button for every photo from this wedding. Beautiful!

  • Dee

    That little sign bearer is too adorable!

    I love the fancy flip flops…gotta have a back up plan with heels sometimes ;-)

  • Valerie Day

    This is one of my favorite weddings here yet. I love all the expressions caught, and also, this post convinced me to give David’s bridal a shot, even more than the post “In Defense of David’s Bridal”. Thanks!!!!

  • Ooops! Lesbian Marriages are the most difficult to handle for Michigan DJs since the music for the same gender couples is not everybody loves to listen! Anyway, pics are excellent.

  • Ooops! Lesbian Marriages are the most difficult to handle for Michigan DJs since the music for the same gender couples is not everybody loves to listen! Anyway, pics are excellent.

  • Elise

    So lovely…AND this was my wedding venue, too! (Got married there on 7/3/13.) Really beautiful, congratulations.

    • Vanessa

      Hi Elise– we were married the day after! We saw your setup when we had our rehearsal— SO amazing! Wow!

  • Elise

    Oh how funny–small world!! And thanks! Our decor really did turn out nice, all thanks to our amazing designer, Jim Turner of Blackbird Flowers. Just adore him, he’s the bestest!
    And is that you two walking by Cafe Calabria in North Park, in one of the first pix??? My hubby and I live in North Park now (having re-located from Encinitas). Our lives seem to be in sync or something, haha.
    Congrats again, what a beautiful and special day!

  • I love everything about this. CONGRATULATIONS!!

  • LifeSheWrote

    Beautiful pictures! I love the bright little bouquets. And can I just say to the bride in the long dress: your face in the picture holding your marriage certificate is PRICELESS! Love it. Congratulations to you both!!

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