Tristan & Erika

Urban CIty Hall Wedding And Party

* Erika, Actor & Tristan, Payroll Administrator * Photographer: LittleBat Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “I Have a Boyfriend” by The Chiffons *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: We had a wonderful party where our friends and family could be completely themselves in the most glamorous way.

The Info—Photography: LittleBat Photography / Venue: SF City Hall, followed by a trip on SF Historic Streetcar 1807 to Starbelly restaurant / Flowers: Eleanor Gerber-Siff at Wallflower Floral Design / Makeup: Dwoira Galilea SchefferErika’s Dress: Selma” from J.Crew / Erika’s Sweater & Fascinator: Vintage a la Mode (who were completely wonderful to us) / Erika’s Shoes: Teeze” from Pleaser USA, yo! (and her flats are Eileen Fisher) / Tristan’s Suit: Bespoke 3-piece suit and shirt from Al’s Attire (who are AMAZING) / Tristan’s Cufflinks: 20’s vintage from Stuff / Tristan’s Shoes & Tie: Had them since I don’t know when / Rings: Custom made by RedStart Design

Other cool stuff we should know about: Everything in our wedding really fell into place from basic principles. We knew we wanted San Francisco City Hall, which led to a brunch wedding early in the week. Erika and many of the guests are sober, so alcohol wasn’t particularly important, but we wanted to feed a small, select group of people really good food and come away with really beautiful photographs, and that’s what we got. And we were really well taken care of by our closest friends.

Frankly, everything was just about perfect except I wrenched my ankle really badly at City Hall, and was walking around on it for the whole reception (feeling no pain thanks to endorphins and champagne). I came home and it was swollen up like an apple was stuck on it, and was limping all though our honeymoon, camping in Death Valley.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Erika: “That it was all done by four, and we got to take a nap after.” Tristan: “It’s a little odd to say, but for me the best thing was dressing up and being the prettiest princess at the ball, surrounded by people I love.”

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