Tristan & Erika

Urban CIty Hall Wedding And Party

* Erika, Actor & Tristan, Payroll Administrator * Photographer: LittleBat Photography * Soundtrack for reading: “I Have a Boyfriend” by The Chiffons *

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: We had a wonderful party where our friends and family could be completely themselves in the most glamorous way.

The Info—Photography: LittleBat Photography / Venue: SF City Hall, followed by a trip on SF Historic Streetcar 1807 to Starbelly restaurant / Flowers: Eleanor Gerber-Siff at Wallflower Floral Design / Makeup: Dwoira Galilea SchefferErika’s Dress: Selma” from J.Crew / Erika’s Sweater & Fascinator: Vintage a la Mode (who were completely wonderful to us) / Erika’s Shoes: Teeze” from Pleaser USA, yo! (and her flats are Eileen Fisher) / Tristan’s Suit: Bespoke 3-piece suit and shirt from Al’s Attire (who are AMAZING) / Tristan’s Cufflinks: 20’s vintage from Stuff / Tristan’s Shoes & Tie: Had them since I don’t know when / Rings: Custom made by RedStart Design

Other cool stuff we should know about: Everything in our wedding really fell into place from basic principles. We knew we wanted San Francisco City Hall, which led to a brunch wedding early in the week. Erika and many of the guests are sober, so alcohol wasn’t particularly important, but we wanted to feed a small, select group of people really good food and come away with really beautiful photographs, and that’s what we got. And we were really well taken care of by our closest friends.

Frankly, everything was just about perfect except I wrenched my ankle really badly at City Hall, and was walking around on it for the whole reception (feeling no pain thanks to endorphins and champagne). I came home and it was swollen up like an apple was stuck on it, and was limping all though our honeymoon, camping in Death Valley.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Erika: “That it was all done by four, and we got to take a nap after.” Tristan: “It’s a little odd to say, but for me the best thing was dressing up and being the prettiest princess at the ball, surrounded by people I love.”

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  • daynya


  • Megan (from Nova Scotia)

    Fabulous, just wonderfully fabulous!

  • I almost never listen to the soundtrack with these posts, but Meg’s enthusiastic command on Facebook convinced me, and boy am I glad I did! These pictures really show your emotions so well — your joy, elation, and the fun you’re having. And the details! I was swooning over both your sweater and fascinator, so serendipitous to see they’re from the same vendor. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • erika

      Your kindness is making me blush. :)

      I knew from the get-go that I wanted to focus of my outfit to be the redonkulous heels, so I got a simple dress I could accessorize. When I went to Vintage a la Mode we got the most amazing, personalized service– she dug through stock in the back to find me that fascinator!– I highly recommend them if you live in the Bay Area!

  • Oh, this is just dreamy!

  • Erika

    This is one of those weddings that you WANT to be at it b/c it looks like so much fun filled with so much joy. Congrats you two awesome people….and great choice on Starbelly. ;)

  • Margie

    Love it! This post exemplifies exactly WHY I want a small city hall wedding (and yes, in San Francisco). I wish I could show this post to everyone who thinks that I’ll be missing out on a “real wedding.” Thank you for re-affirming my beliefs! So much love and joy!

  • LOVE the bright pink headpiece & the colorful bouquet! What a lovely wedding with SF as a backdrop :-)

  • Shayna

    These are the best wedding photos I’ve seen in ages. SF City Hall was my panic fantasy when I was planning. As in “I can’t effing deal with anymore hurt feelings over third cousins not making the cut, let’s just go to California and get hitched!”

  • Not Sarah

    Brunch at a wedding?! Count me in!

  • Liz

    This made me want an intimate brunch wedding more than words can express.

    Congratulations to both of you! The joy in these photos is going to have me smiling all afternoon.

  • Kara

    BEAUTIFUL! I love SF City Hall!

    I actually have a logistical question, because I have been going back and forth on City Hall vs. small backyard. Normally you can only have 6 guests at a SF City Hall wedding (or at least according to the paperwork), it looks like you had more Erika. Did you rent the Rotunda for an hour? How did you make that work out?

    Congratulations! The pictures show all I love about SF.

    • erika

      Nope, we totally just winged it. It’s a public building, after all. We were honest with the judge about how many people we had & he told us to make sure they were quiet & respectful. Which; obviously.

      When we were planning we completely underestimated how many people would want to watch us exchange vows– most of our guests showed up at City Hall which was a surprise day of. It all worked out though, like things do.

      • meg

        You guys, SO MANY wedding grads have done this. It’s a public building, and the staff there tends to be super nice. So yeah, don’t stress, just GO!

    • Tristan Salazar

      Also, a lot of the info we got said the earlier in the day and earlier in the week you scheduled your ceremony, the less of a problem with extra guests. So we were the first wedding on a Tuesday (Monday was MLK Day).

  • MDBethann

    Can I just say how totally awesome it was that the judge was taking photos of you guys? Did he volunteer or did someone ask him to do it? That totally took me by surprise in your pictures!

    • The Officiants at SF City hall are SO awesome. Last elopement I did, she cried during their vows. It was so sweet.

  • Tristan Salazar

    He actually does that for every wedding, and we’d heard about him (and seen photos of some other weddings he officiated) so when we saw we were getting him we were pretty excited.

  • efletch

    I have never seen a more infectious smile!

  • Stunning! So much infectious joy. Jillian is a genius.

  • kara

    that headpiece is AWESOME. love it!

  • Jolene

    Yes! When APW came up and I saw City Hall I basically squealed (or more like yelped?) in my office and I am sure at least 5 people heard me. Your wedding rocks! I want to do it and I’m not even engaged. I mean, you took the F to your reception. Major baller status. Congrats to you both!

  • Laura

    Oh. My. Word. You guys, this was so absolutely fantastically gorgeous and delightful! I just love everything about this. Erika and Tristan, thank you for sharing your sweet, beautiful day with us. You both look beyond smashing and so, so happy. Augh, it’s a like a present just to see your lovely faces.
    Also! A SF City Hall wedding followed by brunch and done in time for a nap sounds….um, like the ideal scene to me. I could do this! Cheers, dears!

  • lovely! tristan, you were absolutely the prettiest princess at the ball!

  • Vmed

    Aaaah yes. Absolutely delightful city hall wedding, with food and super cute family and then napping. This makes me so happy to see, just so.

    Congratulations! You look incredibly joyful and you totally rocked those shoes!

    Well done Tristan and Erika!

    And yay Jillian! <3

  • This is so wonderful. I teared up a little just at all the joy in the photos. Congratulations!

  • I keep coming back to this wedding, I just love it so so so much. Jillian, you are so awesome, I swear I wish I had know that you existed when I was planning my own wedding. Also, Erika I am obsessed with your headpiece, I hope that you still rock this occasionally!

  • I was smiling the entire time looking to (and looking at) this post. So wonderful . . . congratulations. :)

  • Such joy and beauty!

  • Beautiful!! Love this, and, Tristan, your later post about taking Erika’s name. Congratulations! :)