A Jubilant Orthodox Christian Wedding

With margaritas and tacos afterward

Erin & Nick

One sentence sum-up of the wedding vibe: Joyful Orthodox Christian ceremony followed by a jubilant margarita- and taco-fueled party.

Soundtrack for reading: “Love Love Love (Let You Go)” by Andy Grammer

Other Cool Stuff We Should Know About

Nick and I got to know each other over the course of several months in the hospital while he was recovering from a serious accident. Our wedding day was a wonderful celebration not only of us but of life and the loved ones who supported him during that time.

We were married in an Eastern Orthodox morning ceremony at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Russian Hill in San Francisco—hence the crowns! When we arrived at the church, we discovered that Archbishop Benjamin of the Diocese of San Francisco and the West was not only attending the wedding, but would officiate! We were greatly honored.

After an emotional ceremony, we had lunch and champagne in the church hall and then everyone left to spend the “afternoon gap” on their own before the evening reception. Nick and I picked up roast beef sandwiches from our favorite deli and caught a quick nap. It was the perfect way to process the gravity of the morning and rest up before celebrating.

That night, we threw a party at the Potrero Hill Neighborhood House complete with a taco bar, pies, and make-your-own margarita centerpieces (an idea that was born when I told Nick we could use limes as an alternative to flowers and he innocently asked, “Why, so people can make margaritas?”). We wanted the reception to feel like a big house party where people could move around, eat and drink when they wanted, and be comfortable.

Both the traditional ceremony and informal reception were perfectly “us” and our friends and family (and the clergy) were with us every step of the way. Our wedding was meaningful, comfortable, and fun—the best party I’ve ever attended.

Favorite Thing About The Wedding

Walking up the cathedral stairs with my dad as church bells rang. Squeezing Nick’s hand throughout the entire ceremony. Hugging my new niece and nephew for the first time as their aunt. The moment I realized my sister’s toast was a rap.


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