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The Sane Part Of The Mantra

To All My Summer Brides:
Are any of you feeling stressed out by the pressure to be the perfect low-key, no-stress, super-zen practical/indie bride with your wedding right around the corner? Yup. Me too. So whadda say? How about we all let ourselves off the hook a little bit? How about we accept ourselves wherever we are before this important moment in our lives and party? How about we accept ourselves whether we are feeling complicated or simple, joyful or a little sad, stressed or zen? How about we accept it all?

Who is with me?


P.S. Go read this again. I’m working on the letting go part, and the crossing things off my list part. (Sorry handmade guest book/scrap book – you were a lovely thought.)

P.P.S. I’m feeling quiet and complicated this week, with so much wedding stuff on my plate. So! I thought we’d spend the week doing wonderful, soul soothing, simple weddings, starting tomorrow.

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