Save The Dates: The Supplies

I’ve mentioned we’re lazy DIY-ers right? Well we are. We like simple. This is the list of what we used to put our Save The Dates together:

  • Cream card stock from Paper Source. $5.75 for a pack of 25 cards. Frankly, I wished this card stock was heavier, but, oh well.
  • I thought the Paper Source envelopes were overpriced. I got blue A7 envelopes from LCI paper for $13.50 for a 50 pack. I was very pleased.
  • David really wanted to do cool wrap around labels. I really wanted to not hand write 85 addresses. It all worked out. The only problem: I was not willing to pay the price for cute labels. No way. What did we do? We bought labels from office depot, and printed them with a design. Zip-zap, done.
  • Cool stamps. From the post office. I toyed with vintage stamps for about two minutes, until I realized what they would cost, and what a pain they were to find.
  • Printer ink: in this case it was free, but for those who were wondering, we used one set of ink cartridges for the project.
  • Vintage map – we found the image online.

All in? If you count ink, stamps and everything, it cost us somewhere between $1.50-$2.00 per Save The Date. We would have gotten off cheaper with Vista Print postcards, but this way we got to put together exactly what we wanted, and for us that was worth it.

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  • it’s good to see you stretch those diy legs! your wedding seemed so far away for a long time, but now your year is around the corner and i can’t wait to see more projects come to life! now that mine is over i gotta live vicariously…

  • I think they look great … that blue envelope is a lovely color. We went the Vista Print postcard route (we’re getting married on the beach in a resort town, so a wish you were here kinda postcard worked for us, and the writing on the sand design element plays in a lot of other DIY projects we’re working on). BUT I love the wrap around label and am now thinking about using that for our invitation. Do you remember what style number label you used – or any other details?

  • Oh man, that would have cost me $150. Too much for my save the dates… I’m glad email is both cheaper and gets across the idea that we’re having a casual shindig! ;) Those are beautiful, though, and I’ll definitely be using some of your ideas when I print invitations!

  • Did you know that MagnetStreet Weddings save the date cards start at $1.39 each for 50 and less than that for 100 or more? Check it out – and under the Products menu click on Save the Date cards.

    Happy planning,
    Truly Engaging/MagnetStreet Weddings

  • Nice job! I love DIY!

  • Meg

    Yep Marina- it cost us about that much too, maybe a little less. But you know, was one of our projects. I’m glad email works! I’d say 40% of our guest list don’t use email, as they are, achem, not young. But, we absolutely could have just used the phone! We just happened to want to make these :) and all of these ideas would work for an invite too.

    As for the wrap around labels – they are – I swear to god – white avery ink jet labels, #8162. We printed a boarder on them, and though you can’t see it, we used a typewriter font. We’re nerds like that.

    Dubbs! Thanks!