Say “I Love You” the Hardcore Way with Printable Valentine’s Day Temporary Tattoos

It doesn't get more badass than peel-and-stick

Every Valentine’s Day, I struggle to find the least schmoopy card I can find for Michael, amid the rows of flowery prose at my local card shop. I’m the most sentimental person I know, but Valentine’s Day sentiments are usually too much for even me (though one year I found a card that says “I love you more than bacon,” which are approximately my exact feelings towards Michael). So we asked Kimi of Printable Press if she’d be willing to help with us with a fun Valentine’s Day alternative, and she came back to us with these amazing temporary tattoos, which you can modify with your loved one’s name. That somehow seems about perfect. (And you can print them at home on temporary tattoo paper you order off Amazon.) Boom. Done. Next week’s problems, solved.



1. Download the Valentine’s Day Tattoos PDF onto your desktop and open in Acrobat Reader (downloadable for free).

2. Click in the pre-filled fields to customize with your partner’s name.

3. IMPORTANT NOTE: you must reverse your image to print it on the tattoo paper. This can be done in photo editing software such as Photoshop, or often it can be done right in your printer’s settings. In the settings dialogue box go to print options and choose print in mirror or reverse mode. Most modern printers even have settings for transfer paper!

4. Follow the instructions on your temporary tattoo paper and print.

5. Cut out your tattoos, getting as close as you are comfortable with, and follow the instructions for your particular tattoo paper. Generally you just place it face down on your body, cover with a wet towel for 10–15 seconds, and then carefully remove backing.

6. Per Kimi’s instructions: Hide the tattoo and when you next see your lover casually say, “Oh, I decided to treat myself for Valentine’s Day and finally get that tattoo I’ve always wanted.”

tattoo final 2

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  • Amy March

    This feels like a lost opportunity to provide a #weddinghastag tattoo. Perfect for #favors and #escortcards.

    • Meg Keene

      We’ve been working on wedding tattoos. These are just regular old V-day ones though. Happy holiday, etc!

  • Kayjayoh

    If I learn nothing else this week, I at least know that printable temporary tattoo paper is a thing that exists and I can buy.

    • Maddie Eisenhart


    • Caitlin

      Just a heads up, we did it for our wedding and it came out awesome (we had a celtic knot design that we used throughout so we did these for the kids activity bages…thoguh the bridesmaids all decided to wear them too :-) ) but put some tape on the leading edge of the paper before you print on it or your printer will get very unhappy! Like will stop working unhappy. The tattoo paper directions mention it, but seriously DO IT!

    • My thoughts exactly.

  • Curious what temp tattoo paper worked for this. We had a funny temp tattoo designed for Eric for our wedding day but the paper I bought off Amazon did not work. (The ink just beaded on top of it and never really dried.) I was so bummed and wished I’d just sent the design to Tattly to be printed! But I LOVE the idea of homemade temp tattoos for different occasions!

    • j/k just realized it was linked in the post. That’s actually the paper I bought so…boo.

      • Caitlin

        Sad face! It worked great for our wedding. Hmm, what kind of printer did you use? I remember it specifies which kinds of printers it will work with and which it won’t

  • Stacy {Woodsy Weddings}

    There is printable temporary tattoo paper? That is amazing as are these designs. There are so many occasions to DIY temporary tattoos!

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  • Keely Wolfram

    The link no longer seems to be working :( I know I’m a bit late for V-Day but these are too cool to pass up so I bookmarked for later…