Fiona & Karl

* Fiona, Chief Officer Merchant Navy & Karl, Construction and Groundworker * Photographer: Lillian & Leonard * Soundtrack for reading: “Home” by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros *

One sentence sum up of the wedding: A homemade, family effort with many friends game for a giggle—homemade love.

The Info—Photography: Lillian & Leonard / CeremonyVenue: Cortachy Church / Officiant: Rev. Malcolm Rooney / Dinner & Ceilidh Venue: The Tractor Shed at Derachie Farm (the farm where Fiona was brought up) / Band: The Roundhouse Ceilidh Band / Cake: The amazing lighthouse cake was made and decorated by Fiona’s sister & her husband (a labor of love!) / Food: All homemade by Fiona’s mum and brother-in-law, with homegrown farm potatoes! / Fiona’s Dress: Handmade by her mum from Vogue Pattern V2979 (Fiona’s mum also made the bridesmaid dresses, flower girls’ dresses and her own dress, because she is amazing) / Karl’s Kilt: Handmade by Keith Scott Kiltmakers in Dundee / Karl’s Jacket: Harris Tweed Shop / Cars: Two vintage minis arranged by Fiona’s dad from two local minis that he’d seen around the county!

Favorite thing about the wedding: My favorite part was the preparation before the wedding, staying up to the wee small hours writing table names and copying out the shipping forecast and then listening to You Tube spoofs of the shipping forecast with my sister at 3am. Another favorite was after everyone had left the tractor shed and it was just my two brothers and sister and our other halves dancing to a random assortment from my wee brother’s laptop. But my real favorite bit was the effort and preparation that everyone put in to make sure we had an amazing day.

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  • Amanda

    oh my WORD. I never comment on wordless weddings but every single photo is just so freaking lovely. It looks like an amazing day and the joy is absolutely palpable.

  • Alexis C

    So lovely. Looks so joyous – and I can just feel the authenticity of everyone photographed.

    I did a happy leap inside when I saw Fiona’s dress, because it sings of Maria’s dress in “The Sound of Music” – which is one of the most fantastic wedding dresses there ever was, in my opinion.

    • LMS

      Yes! Maria’s dress is one of my all-time favorite wedding dresses and Fiona’s is gorgeous in a very similar way. Also? I am kind of obsessed with those shoes (in the 5th photo).

      Just loveliness all around.

    • Irena

      So much agreement! It was the stuff of childhood wedding fantasies. And, fashion seems to vehemently disagree with me these days, but frankly, sleeves and lots of coverage are actually what make a dress gorgeous to me. I know that when I’m picking a dress everyone is going to tell me to show off my body, but I cling to the idea of an actual full bodice with gasp, long sleeves, and a real neckline :)

  • Christina

    The whole thing is simply gorgeous! Congrats!

  • Kathleen M

    I love literally everything about this.

  • MT


  • One More Sara

    I particularly love the classic oars :)

  • SaraB

    Lovely! The dress is gorgeous and I absolutely adore the B&W photo of Karl and Fiona swinging each other around. The look on his face and the swirling dress and the happy family and friends looking on is great.

  • ElisabethJoanne

    Best Wordless Wedding ever!

  • Paranoid Libra

    Classic minis, a puppy, and a farm, AND mom making all the dresses. I don’t know what more a wedding could even fit in. Congrats on the beautiful day!

  • Strip the Willow! Oh how I miss ceilidh dancing!
    This looks like just the most wonderful wedding, one that just looks plain FUN to be at…

  • ottid

    Squeee! Look at all of those kilts! All in different tartans (seriously, shouldn’t there be more of the same, I’m assuming there is a lot of family?)! My grandmother somehow forgot that she hand sewed my Dad one when she asked him what he will be wearing to my wedding. Unfortunately he may be the only one wearing a kilt, but I think that will make it all the more special. Thanks for sharing Fiona and Karl!

  • K

    As a girl who grew up on a dairy farm — YAY real farm photos instead of chic-rustic farm photos!! Also, those are the best dancing at a wedding photos ever. Looks spectacular, congratulations.

  • Deanna

    Can I just say I have serious admiration for the guts of any woman who will even attempt to fit in the back of a mini in her wedding dress??

    Also, that seriously looks like the best dance party ever. I am actually now really sad I don’t know you…

  • Rachel C

    oh. my. God. ALL. THE. PHOTOS.

  • So lovely. Love the photos. Also, I love the song (I first heard it in a commercial a couple of years ago for the NFL, of all things!).

  • Ceilidh at a wedding = pure awesome!

  • Everything is so beautiful!! :)

  • I can’t decide if I wish I could have attended this wedding or had this as my wedding!