Angela & Alex

* Angela, Corporate Social Responsibility & Alex, Nonprofit Manager * Photographer: Jonas Seaman * Soundtrack for reading: “Rainbow Connection” by Kermit the Frog *

The Info—Photography: Jonas Seaman / Secondary Photography: Mary Ellen Williamson and Alyssa Wilcox / Ceremony VenueParsons Garden / Reception Venue: Urban Light Studios / Catering: Skillet Street Food & Parfait Organic Artisan Ice Cream / Dress: Blue Sky Bridal

Other cool stuff we should know about: On the morning of our wedding, my dog ate my veil. It was quite an entertaining, albiet unexpected, element of our wedding day. It was high-drama right after it happened, then pretty hilarious a couple of hours later when we had a new veil from Nordstrom in-hand.

Veil fiasco aside, we love dogs and have a passion for animal adoption, so we named the tables at our reception after rescue dogs that have touched our lives. So, instead of naming them tables 1, 2, 3 and so on, we named them after dogs past and present that either we or our family/friends have rescued. We included a photo and a brief story about each dog at his/her table. In addition, on our wedding website, we invited guests to make donations to the Humane Society in lieu of wedding gifts from our registry.

One sentence sum up of the wedding vibe: Intimate, laid-back and whimsical.

Favorite thing about the wedding: Sharing it with family and close friends

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  • Beautiful. I love the way this photographer “sees.”
    I want to go to a wedding where there are snacks to be eaten during the ceremony… that’s way too cool!

    • Lady

      Yes! Is anyone else dying to know what the snack was that was eaten during the ceremony? I loved that!

      • Angela

        Yes, Jonas (the photographer) is incredible!
        As for the snacks during the ceremony, the boxes were filled with a chocolate-covered espresso bean, a chocolate-covered cherry and a chocolate-covered s’more bite. We asked guests to join us in eating these items throughout the ceremony as we told stories that related to them and to our relationship with one another. We’re a little chocolate-obsessed :-)

        • I wish I were a guest!!

  • Not Sarah

    Any wedding that involves photos taken at Top Pot is BEYOND awesome in my books. My favorite donut is totally the chocolate feather boa!

    (I also love your dress.)

    Congratulations, Angela and Alex!

    • Liz

      I know! And now I want a doughnut!

  • I LOVE what you did with table numbers. Beautiful.

  • Ditto Elissa. Why don’t more weddings involve food DURING the ceremony? Amazing. And of course the images are absolutely beautiful :-D I am loving the Wordless Weddings!!

  • Oh. My. Beautiful.

    Girl, you are straight rocking that dress!

  • I’m really glad Jonas’s work is featured today. He’s such a great photographer. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Oh I love this so much!! I love the feel of the photographs and that dress is incredible. Beautiful work, Jonas.

  • Kate W.

    I’m not sure how long that “soundtrack while reading” thing has been there but today is the best day to find out because now I have Rainbow Connection stuck in my head.

    Also, this is gorgeous. Everyone looks so glowy!

    • meg

      It’s ALWAYS been there. It totally makes the posts, silly.

  • jessie

    I have to say that I adore the Wordless Wedding feature. They always tell such a beautiful story, and reminds me why I wanted to prioritize wedding photography – not because I want my wedding to look good on a blog (though this totally does) but because looking back, you’ll see the story of the day.

    This wedding looks so heartfelt and joyous, and I am now TOTALLY SERVING A PLATE OF FRIES at my wedding. That looks so yummy. I also love the idea of food while at the wedding ceremony!!! Was it part of the ceremony, or just a ‘in case of hunger’ situation? Either way: lovin’ it, doin’ it.

    • jessie

      PS: I meant to say also: you both have beautiful smiles.

  • What a great wedding! Suddenly the old excuse, ‘The dog ate my homework’ doesn’t look so ridiculous, does it? Glad they managed to get it sorted though!

  • thursday

    …mmm skillet fries and top pot doughnuts…i’m hungry now.

  • Angela (This Bride)

    Thanks for all of the very kind comments! We had a blast. And, I heartily recommend serving fries at a wedding … as long as I was stuffed into that corset, I was taking full advantage of its magical powers to conceal everything :-)

  • Meredith

    Angela – it’s BEAUTIFUL! What a fun fun wedding! Seriously – your dress is amazing, and LOVE that you had Skillet cater! AMAZING!

    (And I’ll admit I’m a bit partial – I got married in Parson’s Garden and had Parfait at our reception!)

    • Angela (This Bride)

      Thank you, and what a small world! I Parfait SO MUCH. Best ice cream I’ve ever had, hands down. Nice to (virtually) meet a similar-minded bride :-)

  • pixie_moxie

    Thank you so much for sharing, so beautiful.Your wedding was so reminiscent of ours it made me smile and want to pull up or photos. We had ice cream cake from the local dairy!
    I love your smile and the little girls helping get dressed. That song has always had a place in my heart. Was it included in the wedding also?
    I adore your dress. Many congrats.

    • Angela (This Bride)

      Aw, thanks. And an ice cream cake … what a genius idea!
      The Rainbow Connection has always been a favorite, and yes, it was our first dance song.

  • Emily

    So was there bacon jam? Oh Seattle, how I miss you.

    • Angela (This Bride)

      Oh yes. Much bacon jam was enjoyed by all.

  • I am gushing over the photography here. Bride with doughnut, just may be my favorite. This illustration makes you feel like you wish you knew this couple and had been invited. Shame on you, if you missed this wedding.

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  • Wonderful images! I love the tilt shift images in black and white.