The Send Off

It’s become derigour for the bride and groom to stay till the bitter end of the party, and then go out afterwards with friends to drink. I totally understand this impetuous, because people are in from all over the country to see you, and its your wedding, who doesn’t want it to last longer? That said, we are considering doing something different. Since our wedding will be on Sunday we will have a chance to see people (and well, drink) earlier in the weekend, which is great because it means we can spend our wedding enjoying ourselves instead of greeting people we haven’t seen in years. So, I’m thinking that we might go for the good old fashioned send off. We’ll have a last dance with everyone else out on the floor with us, I toss my bouquet, everyone else tosses (something we are allowed to toss, birdseed?) at us, we dash to the car and drive away, off to the honeymoon. I think I want to enjoy the first hours of being married on our own with memories of our joyful send off.

What do you think?

Photo via Martha Stewart Weddings.

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  • Jenna

    We are staying in the hotel we are having our reception at, so I am trying to think of some kind of getaway as well. I guess our guests will just escort us to our elevator?

    BTW, I love that brides dress, and if I remember right from the article, she made it herself!

  • I do love the idea. We are hoping to pull off a Brunch reception and I was wonder about this too. But with no date set yet, I have too many options available to me to make a decision. Yours makes perfect sense.

  • i’m a fan of the grand exit!

  • I’m a big fan of the exit and then time by yourselves! Kelly

  • Could not agree more…the grand exit is so cool. Still a MUST.

    Ummmm, also….this blog has become my new favorite…LOVE your posts.

    I am updating my blog roll….may I exchange links with ya?

    Happy weekend!

  • AJ

    I like it! I went to a wedding not too long ago where they tossed up fall colored leaves. It was bautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I think that spending time with your new Husband when you’ve first become husband and wife is great! I am getting married in Oct, and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. Our wedding is also on Sunday with lots of out of town guests.

    I think the wedding’s great, but there wouldn’t be a wedding without the marriage that comes after and lasts much longer!

  • i love the idea! i miss the old notions of actually sending people off on their married way. i’m okay with people having the receptions as a party, but i would personally want the send off my mother and her mother, etc. have had.

  • ka

    Ok, so I know only crazy people become so obsessed with your blog that they decide to read it beginning to end. (Sort “old to new” = yay!) And only even crazier people feel they *have* to correct spelling mistakes 2 years later, but well crap, sometimes crazy people just can’t help themselves: it’s “de rigueur” and “impetus.”

    As a baby blogger and wedding undergrad myself, I’m loving reading your journey! I feel saner already. And as a more than slightly OCD perfectionist, I’m loving knowing that 99.9% of people will forgive my spelling mistakes.

  • holly

    I am now ALSO doing the beginning to end cause I love it so much! And even though KA meant no harm and only love with her spellcheck, I also support your misspelling cause, you know…human.

  • Megan2

    I’ve always liked the send off! There are other traditions we’ll be leaving out, but the send off (with a change of outfits for the photographer,) is going in.

    A noon wedding, we’ll leave by 4 or 5, drive 3 or 4 hours to a hotel. Take a ferry in the morning & continue the next day to the Honeymoon rental house.

    It should really help to split up the driving, instead of 6-8 hours all at once, it’ll be two half days. Plus we’ll get to take the ferry. We keep meaning to have a reason to, when we’ve been nearby for other vacations. Staying away that first night sounds like such a better idea than going right home, even if we weren’t going to leave right for Honeymoon. At first I thought a B&B, but we should be all visited out by that night & just want to lay down, or what have you.