Roundup: Holiday Style, All That Glitters

Sparkly bridesmaid dresses: best wedding trend of 2013

Sequin Holiday Dresses | A Practical Wedding

Alexia Admor Sequin Party Dress ($229)

Last week, I finally pinpointed why I don’t like Thanksgiving all that much: it’s just not fancy. I like my holidays to have glitter and sparkle and…well, magic. The fact that I love sending cards, giving gifts, wearing fake eyelashes, cooking up a storm, and rocking sequins should give you some insight into why I love Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas. Sure, you don’t need an excuse to do any of those things, but when one presents itself, I say, run with it. I’ve always been partial to sequined sweater dresses (or at least sequined dresses with sleeves) for winter parties. And the good news is, more designers and retailers are getting on board, so I no longer have to shop for 80s Christmas attire and Dynasty dresses on eBay to find what I’m looking for. (Though I’m still not ruling it out completely.)

But let’s be honest: the real gift of the sequined dress trend is that it has paved the way for sequined bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses to officially become A Thing, which the APW staff has unanimously voted is the best thing to have happened to weddings since forever. So consider this your double-duty roundup for both sequin holiday dresses and sparkly bridesmaid/wedding attire. (Somebody PLEASE ask me to be a bridesmaid in your wedding and then choose a sparkly dress for me to wear like “sequins you can’t ignore” #4.) If this is your first foray into reflective evening wear, don’t worry—we’ve made sure to include a variety of sparkliness in this roundup. As for those of you who like to don your Miss America best whenever possible? I suggest you just scroll down.

Soundtrack for reading: Ooh Ahh… Just A Little Bit by Gina G.

Sequin Holiday Dresses | A Practical Wedding

JUST A LITTLE BIT 1. Xscape Plus Size Cap Sleeve Beaded Dress ($199) 2. White Tie Optional Dress available at Modcloth ($104.99) The APW staff is awarding a small trophy to the first person to send us pictures of this as their wedding dress. 3. Beaded Crepe Knit Sheath Dress available in sizes XS-6X at Eshakti ($71.95) 4. Red Lydia Rose Bright Embellished Dress available at River Island ($170)

Sequin Holiday Dresses | A Practical Wedding

A Little Bit More 1. Miranda Dress available at Virgo’s Lounge (£90, plus £10 international shipping) 2. Black Cap Sleeve Sequin Tunic available at Dorothy Perkins ($95) 3. Glitter Loop Back Dress available at TopShop ($28) 4. Dazzling Darling Sequin Dress available at Forever 21 ($24.80) 5. Spense Plus Size Sleeveless Sequin Draped Dress available at Macy’s ($68.99)

Sequin Holiday Dresses | A Practical Wedding

Sequins You Can’t Ignore 1. TFNC Bodycon Mini Dress Geo-Tribal Sequin available at Asos ($105.26) 2. Nicole Miller Sequined Blouson Cocktail Dress available at Lord and Taylor ($184.69) 3. Alexia Admor Zig-Zag Sequin Dress available at Lord and Taylor ($242) 4. Navy Sequin Mini Dress available at Dorothy Perkins ($89) 5. Gold Digger Dress available in sizes XS-4X at Bettie Page ($163)

Sequin Holiday Dresses | A Practical Wedding

Bonus: Skirts! 1. Pink Sequin Pencil Skirt available at TopShop ($110) 2. Sequin Velvet Miniskirt available at Nordstrom ($58) 3. Gold Sequin A-Line Midi Skirt available at River Island ($40) 4. Sequin Midi Skirt with Pockets available at Nordstrom ($78) 5. Asos Curve Plus Size Pencil Skirt in Rainbow Sequins available at Asos ($44.47)


This roundup contains affiliate links that help with APW’s bills, but all the items featured here are items that we genuinely like and would purchase ourselves.

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  • vegankitchendiaries

    Rachel! Did you do this post especially for me, sister?!

    I am going to be SEQUINED on our wedding day. I’m kind of nervous about it but the dressmaker (in China) just sent me a pic of the sucker now that’s she’s finished and it looks RAD. I want our ‘best sisters’ (our current plan for an alternative bridal party – his sister and mine) with a bit of sparkle too! Those skirts are RIGHT up my alley! I’ve seen a suggestion of picking out skirts for attendants and letting them do their own thing with whatever they want on top too, which sounds like an awesome idea.

    • Eeeee! I wanna seeeee!! White sequins or another color??

      • vegankitchendiaries

        WEIRD. My comment disappeared. Probably a good thing because I was all, “Rachel. I love you. I love everything you post. Marry me, not Eric.”, etc.

        I am so pleased – this was under $130 y’all! They actually made a mistake and used the wrong colour sequin fabric, but they’re going to fix it. (It’s going to be a lighter gold – I’ve told them champagne or rose gold, either is good).


        • Meg Keene

          WHUT. If you don’t send in a Wordless Wedding, I’m going to kill you. Please tell me you spent your savings on a awesome photographer of some sort, to document your sequined masterpiece? (Not, like, crazy expensive, just someone who deserves you.)

          • vegankitchendiaries

            Well, my buddy is doing our photography as a wedding present. She’s a (celebrated!) birth photographer and doula by trade. This will be her first wedding but, to be honest, I have 1000% faith.
            But thanks, Meg! I’ll consider this Wordless Wedding ‘pre-approval’! ;)

        • Oh that’s SO fabulous and fun!! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

  • Laura C

    Sequins always make me nervous that I’m going to scrape them off and soon I’ll have a dress that looks sort of mangy. I do have a sparkly dress I particularly love, though: shimmery golds and bronzes and patterns, strapless with an above-the-knee a-line skirt and a big bow on the chest so that you sort of look like a Christmas gift from a very expensive store. And it was one of those major shopping coups, starting at $225 and I got it for under $90 by the time all was said and done (on sale, then a one-day bonus sale, plus a coupon).

  • Carrie

    Sparkles for all my friends! Well done, ladies. I think I have my eye on a lot of plus size clothes, but you found some really beautiful things that surprised me!

  • BreckW

    I want that disco ball dress so badly it hurts. If it goes on sale, there is no question that I will purchase it and wear it to the grocery store.

    • So I should not tell you that Lord and Taylor has everything 20% off and free shipping?

      • BreckW

        Bought. My bank account is very angry.

        • Me too! Dress twins! Also twin angry bank accounts. But I can’t wear a bank account so it’ll just have to deal.

          • BreckW

            Agreed. When my bank account has sequins on it and makes me want to twirl, then we’ll talk.

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      Thank you.

  • Um, so.. if I were to buy the gold skirt, what would I put with it for a formalish atmosphere? And the black glitter loop dress is divine. Want!

    • Moe

      I find a lot of fashion inspiration on Pinterest when I’m unsure of how to wear or style something new. A sparkly gold skirt can be paired with something in a neutral color and a softer less structured top. How about a feminine, lacy cami topped with a soft velvet blazer that has a tailored waistline?

    • vegankitchendiaries

      Black or white cami and a cardigan? Gold skirt is my fave too! Let’s brainstorm! ;)

      • Fuzzy white cardi with black lace-trimmed cami and fun jewelry? Go for all the sparkles?

        • Meg Keene

          Yes to both of you. Just yes.

        • Love love love the fuzzy white sweater idea! An ivory lace crewneck long-sleeved top would be pretty too, or a even crisp white button-down shirt!

          • Yeah I think I’m gonna have to buy the skirt. And then find lots of excuses to wear it.

    • BreckW

      It also comes in pink if you’re less gold-inclined (though I’m not sure why you would be). I would go with a solid–maybe a black 3/4 sleeve leotard-type top? Or a fitted black/white/cobalt blue/true red (those last 2 can sometimes be faux neutrals) cashmere sweater–sweaters + skirts seem to be everywhere these days.

      • Ooh! Thanks! I saw the pink one and I like them both, but the gold one is winning!

      • Oooo! Relaxed neutral sweater and sequined skirt sounds like a combination I could wear without looking too dressed up. YES!

    • Rebecca

      I’m thinking something in black satin? Drapy, not super tailored.

  • InTheBurbs

    THANK YOU! For always including a plus size option

    • vegankitchendiaries

      I second this. I wish APW made ‘lady magazines’.

  • Jessica Vann

    I have an extreme affinity to sparkle. To demonstrate:

    This is the dress my bridesmaids will be wearing. Add it to the round up at such a great price!

    • vegankitchendiaries


      Killer price, killer BM dress!

      • M.

        Macy’s Friends and fam 25% discount on now too – found code on Retail Me Not! Dress comes down to $33!!!!! BOUGHT. Rehearsal dinner = done.

        • vegankitchendiaries

          “This item is not available for shipping to Canada.”


  • Amanda

    Oh my gosh guys. So good, I cracked up when the song started playing, so perfect.

    • Meg Keene

      EVERYONE MUST LISTEN WITH THE SONG. It’s like 1000% better of a roundup with the song.

  • Okay. So I need someone to talk me out of buying the disco ball dress for an as yet undetermined New Year’s Eve party. It’s Miami so I won’t need a coat or anything and that dress screams “walk around in public and drink champagne.”

    No? No one will talk me out of it? So I can totally buy it? Kthanks!

    • MC

      BUY IT. As someone who lives in a cold climate, I want to live vicariously through you

      • vegankitchendiaries

        As someone who really can’t see herself being invited to anything ever that would allow for this crazy fun of an outfit… me too!

    • Maddie Eisenhart

      Huzzah! All the permission you need.

    • Dress bought. Merry Christmas to me!

  • Shotgun Shirley

    I’m getting #4 from A Little Bit More. I want so many of these, but that one will actually fit my preggers belly.

  • Ashlee

    Um, guys, I think I am jumping on the sequins bandwagon, full throttle, guns a’blazing (I feel like I needed all three?). I just bought the rainbow sequin skirt. I’m not going back.

  • I am so disappointed that navy sequin dress doesn’t come in plus-size. I’ve been looking at navy sequin-crusted items for my wedding outfit.

  • frances kirk

    Sequins and Gina G and an ASOS Curve selection. You’ve made my day.

  • I have been all about sequined dresses this winter. I think I’m going to need a sequined dress for the rehearsal dinner or honeymoon or something. Because SPARKLES!!!

  • Jess

    Reporting back: in the Sequins you Can’t Ignore category, I ordered the blue sparkly one (#4) in gold. It arrived on Saturday. I tried it on to see if it fit… and didn’t want to take it off ever.

    So that’s getting worn, maybe every day for the rest of my life.