Should I Let My BFF Know I’m Upset That I’m Not Her MOH?

This topic feels off-limits with her

Q: Hi APW,

When I got married 2 years ago, my life-long BFF was my Maid of Honor. With her help, I actually got excited about wedding planning and it made our bond closer than ever before. Fast forward to 2021, now she’s engaged and I’m so excited for her! But in all honesty, I couldn’t help but feel disappointed when she asked me to be a part of her wedding party as a bridesmaid and not as her MOH.

I can usually talk to her about anything, but for some reason this feels minimal in the grand scheme of things (her planning a wedding during COVID, having to cut her guest list in half, etc.) I don’t want to get too worked up about it but I feel like I’m grieving the loss of being in that position for her wedding day.

Should I just bottle my own feelings up for a while? Do I just not mention anything to her and step in where she needs me? I want to be a good friend. Help!

—Sad BFF

So APW, is it best to talk it out or wait until after the wedding? What friendly advice do you have for SBFF? Add your two cents in the comments! Do you have an advice question of your own to submit? You can do that right here.

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